5 Ways SnapEngage Admins Can Optimize Their Accounts for Success, Part 2


Welcome to the second of our two-part series where our Client Success Manager, Leor, shares insights to help you and your team be successful. Part One of this series is agent-focused. If you have not read it, you can find it right here. 

There are many things that account administrators can do to see positive results from their teams and chat as a whole. Here are a few items to keep in mind:


1. Set your chat agents and site visitors up for success. 

Define what “success” looks like for your team. Goal-setting is a great place to start. Once you know what you want to accomplish, you can begin laying the foundation for a successful chat launch.   

An easy place to start is the chat agent settings. Your chat team is made up of mostly humans; showcase your amazing team and add a personal touch by adding their names and photos. You can also add their phone number to allow site visitors and clients to call the chat agent they are chatting with and create a seamless interaction from chat to call. Get to know the pain points of the team answering incoming chats. Gather frequently asked questions and create quick answers using “Shortcuts” (aka canned messages). 

This will take some of the stress out of the conversations and keep communication uniform across all chat conversations (regardless of which agent is chatting) to support cohesive branding standards. 

Another tip: Set a standard for chat response time, and have a backup plan if agents do not see a chat or can’t respond in a timely manner. If your organization has not yet set internal standards for this, a good rule of thumb is to coach chat agents to respond to incoming chats within 15 seconds or less. Set your teams apart from the pack by setting a precedence in response time. Allowing for chats to be reassigned to a different agent or allowing site visitors to leave a message if they are in a rush will decrease missed chats while increasing client satisfaction.


2. Categorize and organize chats quickly and easily

Chat conversations often need follow-up and/or must be kept to maintain accurate and up-to-date client and prospect records. Don’t miss out on client information gathered from chats – quality chat conversations produce a wealth of helpful information at all stages of the customer journey. Avoid the disconnect in client information by setting up an integration with your current CRM, help desk, or even send chats to an email address. 

Remember that you have options and full control over your operations. You get to decide what data you want to be sent to your CRM or help desk directly within SnapEngage. Now you can not only see chat transcripts, but your team is empowered to provide personalized follow up. 

Don’t see your CRM? Chat with us about your custom CRM and share your use case with us.


3. Create a fully-branded user experience.

Maintaining consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23% (Forbes). With no coding whatsoever, you can match the theme of your website within SnapEngage. This includes color schemes, font, chat button location, and more. Do you have information you’d like to gather before the chat starts (i.e. email address, favorite color)? A simple pre-chat form can do just that, passing the information you gather to the chat agent to close the loop.


4. Optimize customer engagement and create tailored customer experiences.

SnapEngage is very robust with many tools built in that are at your disposal. For example, file exchange allows agents and site visitors to easily send and receive files. Another Option is the Agent Survey. Enable the survey to fire when a chat is complete to see how your agent performed, if an issue was resolved, and see comments from site visitors and clients. 

The SnapEngage free trial offers a fast and easy way to get to know all the tools in the SnapEngage toolbox.


5. Just in time engagement at the right time and location.

Proactive chat is a great way to interact with more site visitors and clients and spur lead generation. But you don’t want to reach out to every site visitor without clear intentions. Customize your proactive chat offerings to reach out to site visitors based on their unique actions to facilitate a highly personalized outreach, rather than sending a poorly timed generic chat. 

Consider a telecom company with multiple branches in many different locations. One of these locations is having a sale. The administrator can create proactive chat greetings which display only to site visitors in the same geolocation as that exact branch. Site visitors outside this geolocation will not receive irrelevant chats, while visitors within the set geolocation will be readily made aware of deals in their area. This tailored outreach approach is much more likely to generate interest in your offerings and ultimately improve conversion rates.


Keep in mind that the goal of chat should be more than simply adding a chat feature to your website. A well-implemented chat solution is an integral part of any organization’s overarching customer engagement strategy. Setting measurable KPIs for live chat allows you to track specific chat goals and better understand how chat performance affects your business’s larger customer engagement goals and strategies.