How the USA’s largest medical rehabilitation provider used SnapEngage to meet security requirements and increase patient volume

The United States’ largest rehabilitation provider supports more than 100 hospitals and 1,500 outpatient centers and specializes in long-term acute care, rehabilitation, and physical and occupational therapy. They are proud to be the largest outpatient physical therapy provider in the U.S., while continuously supporting over 130 critical illness recovery hospitals. 

The company has many different websites, partners, and brands. This means that their amount of data is vast and protection of that data is of utmost importance. They expect that their software partners are up the same standards. “All new vendors go through a proof of concept where an accountability team dives into the information technology and security of said vendor” reports the Developer Lead. 

The company houses massive amounts of data across multiple states. They also are tasked with keeping communication lines open across all locations. Previously, they relied strictly on phone calls to answer questions and schedule appointments.

The challenge

Phone conversations are a way to connect with clients and patients across the business. In fact, the company had already trained a team to answer phones, and this was working. But not enough. 

There was a fear that chat was not a secure avenue of communication. Implementing an entirely new software to an already trained staff was daunting. Regardless of security fears, the provider’s top clinics and brands were asking for easier lines of communication. The company had worked to appropriately scale their internal team for phone support and had the resources to add another communication channel. 

As more and more clients began requesting better lines of communication, chat went from a “nice-to-have” to a necessity. 

They relied on the SnapEngage account team to be their guide as they researched the tool and set it up for all their locations. They leveraged SnapEngage’s free trial period to demonstrate how the solution would work to the leadership board. During the trial, they wanted to see if SnapEngage could:

•  Increase patient volume without adding dramatically to staffing
•  Reduce patient wait times for help
•  Increase patient satisfaction
•  Provide certified HIPAA-compliance to keep all chats secure

Why SnapEngage

SnapEngage combines the importance of a secure chat platform with an easy-to-use tool. Adding SnapEngage allowed the provider to have peace of mind around the security of a new software tool while opening the doors of communication even further. “Agents are happy with chat because it cuts down on phone calls and is more efficient,” notes the Digital Experience team lead. 

A thorough trial period and onboarding package were utilized, allowing the provider to start this new venture on the right foot. “Clients may not book an appointment immediately, but they have a valuable interaction with our staff and keep us top of mind when they need care,” notes the Digital Experience Lead. 

Since clients might be sharing personal health information, adding a secure and HIPAA-compliant platform was the most important requirement in their search. The in-depth security review confirmed that all chat conversations are kept private and secure from end-to-end. 

SnapEngage allowed the company to accomplish their goal of opening more communication channels while keeping data safe and secure. Clients can expect a response time of 11 seconds or less over chat, quite an improvement over phone support. In turn, customer satisfaction scores have risen.

The Results

SnapEngage met critical security requirements:

•  HIPAA compliance
•  Passed security due diligence requirements 
•  Single sign-on (SSO)
•  Passed extensive vetting by Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Leveraging chat has opened the door for the provider’s 1,500+ locations to better support their thousands of clients. SnapEngage allows organizations to communicate their needs and offers a secure solution to meet information security requirements. Organizations are empowered to ask questions about secure chat and can feel comfortable chatting with clients across their website. Site visitors and clients alike will appreciate that their data is secure.

Whether an organization requires HIPAA-compliance, GDPR, or has their own individual industry standards, SnapEngage is a proven partner. Continued growth is a real option, allowing this provider to deliver the best options to patients across the board.