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What are your top requirements in a digital conversation solution?

Live chat is one of the most valuable channels for engaging, converting, acquiring, and retaining customers. However, with so many options to choose from it’s become challenging for businesses to differentiate between vendors and evaluate potential solutions against business goals and requirements.

Use this live chat buyer’s guide to select and rank your business’s priorities, learn more about key considerations to keep in mind, and formulate a list of critical questions to ask potential live chat vendors.


more leads from chat, compared to forms & email


increase in CSAT after implementing live chat


of online prospects prefer live chat for real-time resolutions


of consumers prefer live chat support

What’s Covered in the Buyer’s Guide?


Leverage Chatbots and Humans for 24/7/365 Customer Service

Before going into research and demonstrations, strategize your dream chatbot scenario and ask to see how providers address it. Chatbots can qualify leads, answer frequently-asked-questions, schedule meetings, and more.

Find a Solution Tailored to You and Ramp up Smoothly

Researching, evaluating, and purchasing software and services for your business can be a challenging task. Choosing the best fit solution for your unique needs can and will have a lasting positive impact not only on your sales and customer support teams, but on your entire business.


Keep Your Business Secure and Compliant

One of the most important considerations when researching and evaluating digital conversation providers is your organization’s internal security, privacy, and compliance protocols. These requirements are often non-negotiable and the chosen live chat vendor must comply.

Optimize Performance With Reporting and Analytics

As with any marketing, sales, or customer service endeavor, tracking performance via analytics and reporting is a central, ongoing component of a successful live chat software implementation. Choose a live chat provider that helps you track marketing, sales, and customer service KPIs related to your website chat strategy directly within the chat tool.

Convert and Retain With Integrated CRMs and Help Desks

Integrating website chat with your existing CRM and/or Help Desk makes it easier to convert MQls to SQls, optimizes the chat solution, maximizes the efficiency of your sales and customer service teams, and automates the flow of live chat data directly into your preferred platform(s).


Improve Engagement With Omnichannel Functionality

Sales and customer service teams need to be able to communicate with prospective buyers and current clients wherever they are. today, more and more consumers routinely engage across multiple channels.

Quality Customer Service Is Paramount

It’s also critical to research and understand the post-sale experience and have a well-informed understanding of what kind of support you can expect after you become a client. Luckily, today it’s easier than ever to conduct comprehensive research on a vendor with testimonials, client case studies, third-party software review websites and more.


Increase Engagement With Proactive Messaging

In the world of sales and customer service, the importance of timing cannot be overstated. Selecting a chat software provider that offers advanced proactive messaging capabilities will boost your website chat engagement rate while simultaneously boosting internal efficiencies.

Live Chat Use Cases

Engage Smarter With Chat

There are many things to consider when choosing live chat for your business.
Our expert Live Chat Buyer’s Guide will help you understand top considerations for sales, marketing, and customer service professionals and determine what matters most to your business.

Our 12 page digital download will help you through the process and ensure you choose the right chat based on the criteria that matters most to your business.