What’s New

What’s New

The team at SnapEngage has been very busy these past few weeks cranking out new and exciting features based on the feedback we are getting from you our wonderful customers. In fact we just did a new deploy last night!

Chat Monitoring – Now with Chat Monitoring when you are logged into your SnapEngage Account you can view all the chats currently in progress. You even have the ability to view specific chats in progress.

Live Chat MonitoringUpgraded Configurator – We have made a few cool tweaks to the configurator, now under the “Get the Code” tab you are immediately greeted by new options for your SnapEngage button settings. We have even included the ability to preview how the button will display on an example page.

Pause Command – Have you ever wanted to stay “Online” while using your IM client but appear “Offline” to your website visitors? Now you can by using the “Pause” command. Use pause to appear offline (although you can still receive transfers) and use online to remove the pause. If you forget these commands you can always type help to see them again.

Continuing with our Skype Beta – We are still continuing with our Skype Beta. If you are interested in testing out this function let us know.