Week of January 8th Release Notes: Misc fixes

Happy New Year from SnapEngage! Here are the changes and fixes introduced this week:

  • Analytics custom time range: We addressed a newly introduced issue with the custom time range incorrectly reporting “Over maximum date range” when that was not the case.
  • Fixed issue with sound missing from iOS push notifications.
  • Call-me from computer has been having issues these past few weeks on Google Chrome as the access to the audio device from the Google Chrome browser was now restricted to https websites. The Call-me browser client is now always opened on https to meet this new requirement.
  • Improved the visibility of the “Enable Chat” checkbox in the Agent Settings section of the Admin Dashboard.
  • Corrected the content-type header on some of the CDN content, which was incorrectly serving some image resources as text. Most browsers were self-correcting the wrong header though, we were not aware of customer impact due to this.