Week of January 30th 2017 Release notes: Log API and Routing by Tag improvements


Over the past few weeks we’ve made the following changes to our core application:

  • We added the destination URL to the results of our Log API.
  • We improved the Routing by Tags feature so that it uses the configured agent assignment logic when no tags are supplied at the start of a chat.
  • Expanded support showing Screencast.com images directly within the Chat Portal.
  • Fixed an issue where the agent alias wasn’t being updated on the visitor side when a chat was transferred.
  • Fixed a display issue in the Admin Dashboard with the schedule selector would show Noon as 12 AM instead of 12 PM.

In addition, we’ve made the following improvements our Design Studio:

  • Improved the handling of menus when switching between tabs in the designer.
  • Auto populating of custom field variables for text input, text area and dropdown fields.
  • Enabled the dragging of the chat box.
  • Added Intelligent PreChat for offline forms.
  • Sped up the chat form animations.
  • Improved the loading of the fonts on the chat form.
  • Fixed an issue where the Close callback wasn’t working on the prechat/offline form.