Week of January 18th Release Notes

Hello from the other siiide.

This week we’ve deployed these bug fixes and feature improvements:

  • Fixed a small payment page issue for Safari and IE users.
  • Fixed an issue where the visitor chat transcript would sometimes not render correctly.
  • Improved the look of the chat text input area in Safari.
  • Improved the loading of the list of agents when starting a team chat.
  • Added the ability for agents to resize the chat details and agent links tabs in the Chat Portal. This can be done by moving the mouse cursor over the bottom of the tab until it changes to the resize cursor, then left click and hold to resize up or down.






Along with the above changes, we have made a large change to the Desktop Notifications within the Chat Portal. Recently, the browsers that support Desktop Notifications (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) have all made changes to become more compliant with the specifications published around Desktop Notifications. These changes have caused these browsers to auto-close the notifications at varying time intervals and which has made it impossible to keep the notifications open for a specific amount of time (or indefinitely for that matter). So, to give a more consistent and pleasant user experience, we have removed the time options for Desktop Notifications. Now you can either have a notification fire, or not, but the browser is left in charge of closing the notification (these times are approximately 4 seconds for Firefox and 10 seconds for Chrome and Safari).


The good news around all this is we did build in a notification ability for IE users. Please see Chat Portal Desktop Notifications with IE for further details.