Week of January 11th Release Notes: Chatbox improvements & More

horizontal scrollbar on live chat box
See the first bullet point

Greetings, loyal chat engagers.

We bring you the following bug fixes and feature improvements…

  • Preventing a horizontal scrollbar from popping up in the chatbox during file exchange and secure data transfer, for Windows users.
  • Normalized the font display inside the chatbox minimize menu,  which was previously susceptible to the CSS rules defined on the client’s website.
  • Improved the flow of when to send Admin account invite and reset emails in our Permissions settings.
  • Fixed the issue of keeping desktop notifications open ‘Until clicked’

Week of December 28th Release Notes: Chatbox bugs & More

Happy Holidays from SnapEngage! We hope that you had some well-deserved time off with family and friends.

  • Removed the “agent” nickname that sometimes displays to the visitor when they are first being connected to an agent. The “agent” nickname will no longer appear in the chatbox, it will now just show the agent-typing animation.
    agent nickname bug fix
  • Fixed a bug during file exchange. Previously when an agent sent a file to the visitor, the text that the visitor was typing would get erased. Now, the text is retained.

file exchange bug fix

Thank you to our clients who reported these bugs to us!

September 24, 2015 Release Notes: Draggable Chatbox Bug Fix and Transfer Reports

Today we released a bug fix relating to the top area of the chatbox:

SnapEngage chat box

Previously if a user clicked the top area of the chatbox without dragging it to re-position it within their browser, the chatbox would hide from sight. Now, the chatbox stays put when a user clicks it.

Thank you to one of our newest users for reporting this bug to us! 🙂

We have also released a new section within our Analytics for transfers.


Within this section you will see four different reports;

  • Widget To Widget Transfers – Logs when a chat is transferred from one widget to another.
  • Agent To Agent Transfers – Logs when a chat is transferred from one agent to another.
  • Failed Transfers – Logs when a chat transfer is proposed, but is not completed.
  • Agent Reassignment – Logs when a chat is re-assigned from one agent to another due to lack of response.

Please see our Intro to Analytics page for more details.