Someone is having a birthday…

Web Client BirthdayToday the SnapEngage Web Client turns one year old! Can you believe it has already been a year since we introduced this burbling, burping, bundle of bits and bytes into the world?! They grow up so fast *sniffle*… ah but what an exciting year it has been! There have been many back end improvements to the stability of the client to make sure it is running in tip top shape and shuffling communications between your visitors and agents at lightning speed. To highlight a few:

  • A fully integrated knowledge base connector to Zendesk, UserVoice, MindTouch & even your own WordPress powered page
  • Translated into 5 languages (English, Deutsch, Español, Français, & Português)
  • Social Discovery now includes 22 potential profiles
  • Team Messaging (we put a chat inside your chat!)
  • More sounds notifications to choose from
  • Visual tweaks and enhancements
  • Display the visitor’s current time
  • Transfer between widgets
  • Recently closed chats tab
  • Typing notifications
  • Agent Alerts
  • Agent Links

The Image below is the most recent view of the web client. I numbered a few of the more visible improvements that you should be sure to take a look at.

Web Client 1 year old

  1. Improved visitor information and notifications to the agent
  2. Recently closed chats are still accessible
  3. Team Messaging!
  4. Knowledge base connector

It has only been a year and so many things have been added and improved upon. We have even more in the works and look forward to your continued feedback and input as the web client grows into the next year!