SnapEngage Saves the Day

Almost daily we get to hear some really great story from our customers about how SnapEngage has impacted them or their business directly. The team has often sat back (just kidding we never have time to sit back) recounting the best tales of the day. Then we figured why keep all this gooey goodness to ourselves, we should share! So that’s exactly what we are going to do, share the great stories from you our customers.

Our first story comes from Laura Roeder who recently started using SnapEngage on her website. We met Laura at SXSWi earlier this month over some tasty Mexican food and equally tasty conversation. Laura is a firecracker of knowledge when it comes to using Social Media on par with the Jalapeño in my tacos.

Laura was intrigued when we started talking about SnapEngage and wanted to give it a go on her own site. After only a week or so of using SnapEngage she sent us this little gem.

“It was about close to midnight New York time and a message came in from a reporter in Japan – he was looking for an expert quote for a story that would run on one of the biggest international news bureaus and he needed it as soon as possible.
SnapEngage allowed me to respond to him immediately and jump on the opportunity – who knows if he would have bothered to fill out our contact form.
As a result, I was quoted in his story the next day. It’s my most impressive press clipping yet! I started using SnapEngage to connect with prospects but I’m discovering so many unexpected side benefits as well. It’s a must-use tool for an online business.”

We think that is the bee’s knee’s and further proof that you never know when or where SnapEngage is going to come to your rescue and save the day, or at the very least lead to international stardom!

Do you have an awesome story about SnapEngage saving your day? An epic tale that includes you wielding SnapEngage like the knights of old and slaying customer problems left and right. Have you made a sale that would make Mr. Monopoly himself green with envy? Please leave a comment below, poke us on Facebook, Tweet at us or even use that antiquated system called email! We would love to hear from you.