SnapEngage Live Chat & Integration gets an update

desk-com-logo-white (1)Today we are excited to offer a new, improved, and more powerful SnapEngage and integration! recently notified us that they were releasing a new API that had more capabilities than you could shake a stick at (although one should never shake a stick, especially if there is a nest of angry wasps attached to it). The great news is that we have completed the update to our integration thanks to the new API from Desk, the not so great news is that the old version of the API will no longer function in the coming months so you will want to make sure you complete the migration soon. For instructions on enabling the newest version of the integration please follow this guide to join these two powerful tools together.

There are a plethora of improvements in this update, yes I said plethora! For starters, connecting SnapEngage and couldn’t be easier! With the prior integration you had to know the key, the token, the URL, the secret token, the token’s maiden name, and a secret handshake… it was a lot to deal with. To remind you of the horror just take a look at this screen shot!


Now to connect all you have to do is authorize the connection one time and grant access, click save and you are all set. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

You could stop here, you could call it a day and go on about your merry way but you might want to take a look under the hood. At this point the integration is working just like the original integration, turning chat transcripts into cases, agent mapping, and pulling up user information at the start of a chat. The interesting part is when you click the Advanced drop down: custom mappings

Now you are cooking with gas! With the new integration you the have ability to set custom mappings for all sorts of values, you can even create your own custom operator variables, set text values, or map information SnapEngage is already capturing for you. You can even set separate mappings for online (chats) versus offline (email us) cases to make your life easier and provide more tracking and data segregation.

Last but certainly not least you will want to make sure that you enable the Knowledge base connector so that agents can access the KB directly inside the web client to provide links to articles or even co-browse your visitor directly to the article they need with just the click of a button. You will want to navigate to the Knowledge Base tab and click the logo and don’t forget to click save!

Desk Knowledge Base Integration

Now don’t forget, to benefit from all the amazing improvements available with the integration update you need to migrate to the new version if you haven’t yet.