Live Chat Best Practices for Chat-Forward Companies

On Demand Webinar

This webinar previously aired on Thursday, October 8, 2020 from 11-11:30am MT
1PM ET | 10AM PT | 5PM UTC

Live chat is typically known as the door to communicating with prospects and clients online. But it can be so much more than that. Chat-forward companies use messaging technology to scale their operations, improve customer experiences, and gain analytics that drive performance. These pillars of chat holistically take prospects through the customer journey, from acquisition, to adoption, to expansion, and retention.


  • Live chat as a horizontal communication tool
  • 3 pillars of a chat-forward company
  • Why messaging technology is key in the customer journey
  • Benchmarks: key findings from our 2020 client survey

Our Presenters

Sofia Rossato
SnapEngage CEO

Sofia Rossato, SnapEngage CEO

Abby Schmautz
Product Enablement Manager