Release Notes: Week of October 30: Open API OAuth token and a ‘Missed Chats’ flag for Custom Data Mapping

Hello Chatters,

here is an update with some of what our developer team has been working on in the last two weeks.



  • We have updated our Open API integration to include an oAuth token for the submission of images and files when view access to the transcript is restricted.
  • We added a ‘Missed Chat’ custom data mapping option. This will allow you to flag chats that have not been responded to in your integration.

Resolved Issues:

  • Resolved an issue where the chat button showing up on top of chat form on page refresh
  • Fixed an issue with the¬†Microsoft Dynamics 2015 (Online) Integration where a token expired causing the integration to disconnect.
  • Updated the Capacity Report to exclude ‘Offline’ cases
  • Fixed the problem in the Settings page, caused by an update to the Chrome browser, that affected the ability to move agents in priority tiers.