Release Notes Week of Oct. 10: Salesforce and Hubspot Account Information in the Chat Portal

Post published:

October 10, 2017

Integration Updates:

The Chat Portal will now show additional information from Salesforce Business Accounts in the Chat Portal when in the Leads workflow. The new information includes a link to the Account, the Account Type, and the  Account Owner. SnapEngage will search for the Account based on the account email address domain name (ex. ‘’ for visitor ‘[email protected]’):

We also updated the account information display for Hubspot accounts connected with this integration. Information like Account Owner, Hubspot Score and Lifecycle Stage will now appear in the first visitor information tab instead of a sub-tab to make it easier to view:


Other Updates:

  • We are now tracking the usage of our tool with Mixpanel analytics to better understand our clients needs and improve the product. If you do not wish to be tracked you can opt out here.
Resolved Issues:
  • We have resolved an issue with the option to delete case data from SnapEngage after sending it to the integration, where data was removed even when the case could not be sent to the integration.
  • Resolved a bug that caused the chat button to become un-responsive and interfered with the mobile optimized chat button after a proactive chat message appeared.
  • We are now preventing redirect loops when signing in Google SSO, to solve an edge case when accessing a restricted viewcase.
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