Release notes Week of August the 16th: HIPAA Compliant File Transfer & Google Single Sign On (SSO)


  • The file upload/download functionality is now HIPAA compliant for accounts on this plan type:
    * An audit log will be written on each file download.
    * The file can be downloaded by visitor during the chat only. Once chat is over file won’t be available for visitor.
    * The file can be downloaded by an agent configured in the widget or an account admin only.
  • We have enabled Google Single Sign On (SSO) support: If your SnapEngage account is also a Google Apps account, you can now use this to log in here.

Fixed Issues

  • We fixed an issue where the \ignore command to not send a chat transcript to the integration was not working as expected.
  • fixed a bug regarding the size of the minimized container iframe which was too large for its contents, causing the area around the minimized button to still be clickable
  • Fixed a bug for mobile users where on close of the chat, sometimes the webpage would not be able to be scrolled until refreshed again.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘description’ or first visitor chat message appeared as a JavaScript Variable in the email integration.