Release Notes – Week of April 13th: New analytics binned report for Visitor Wait and Queue time

Greetings and Salutations,

we are a bit late with this post due to the easter holidays: Here are the release notes for updates, bugfixes and changes applied within the sprint week of April 13th:



  • We have added a new ‘binned’ report to the Visitor Wait and Visitor Queue time
  • There is now a ‘select all / none’ option in the Agent Performance section.

Visitor Channel integrations:

  • Agents can now ban visitors from chatting  through the Visitor Channel integrations (Facebook Messenger, SMS to Chat and WeChat)


  • Fixed an occasional error when quickly adding / editing / deleting agents. When adding and saving new agents we now show loading spinners on the add / edit / delete / save buttons and disable the ability to save while something is in the process of already saving.
  • Fixed a bug in Design Studio on Safari, where background patterns would mysteriously disappear while selecting or scrolling in the pattern picker.