Release notes for week of June 12th: Chat-Box close with Escape Key, dropdown selection placeholder, ‘Entry URL’ custom mapping

Hi chatters,

here are the release notes for the past week:

  • The Chat Box can now be closed with the escape-key for better accessibility.
  • In the Design Studio, we added a first default selection (“placeholder”) for dropdown fields. This can be customized using the new placeholder field.
  • Added “Entry URL” to the SnapEngage custom mappings dropdown.
Bug fixes
  • Re-added missing configurable survey rating lines to the Configure Messages section
  • Fixed some issues with chat-box buttons not displaying correctly in the call-me and file upload mode.
  • Improved the Zendesk integration to avoid an issue where some cases were not pushed to Zendesk automatically.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the chat button would show up on top of the chat box, for example during immediately-fired proactive chats or immediate uses of SnapEngage.startLink()