Release notes for April 30th: Hub Updates, Chat History Timeline, Integrations API Update


Hello SnapEngagers,

here are some updates of what the dev team has been working on in April.

If you study this post carefully you may find an easter egg revealing an upcoming feature release 😉

Hub Updates

  • We have increased the font size in the chat transcript area and updated the colours a bit to make the text more readable.
  • Previous interactions with the visitor now appear in a timeline on top of the chat transcript column and can be read in line of the chat transcript column for easier access:

  • We have enabled keyboard shortcut commands in Hub. Please note that the shortcuts now work with the Ctrl instead of the Alt key. You can find an overview of available commands on the second page of your home screen dashboard.

Resolved Hub Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the visitor location map was blinking.
  • Fixed an issue where agent alerts did not show in the chat transcript.
  • Fixed an issue where right side Contact Info Column collapsed unexpectedly. It now also has a narrower minimum width.


Other Updates

  • For clarity we have renamed the ‘Post API’ to ‘Integrations API‘ – no code updates are required on the client side.
  • The Integrations API now includes how the chat ended: Agent, Visitor, Time Out or No Agent Found.
  • The Channels tab access is now available to be able to be restricted from the Permissions settings.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where sub-administrators saw a wrong ‘Free’ account type in the admin dashboard.
  • Fixed an edge case where some online chats were categorised as offline
  • Fixed an issue with the Logs API not returning cases inclusive of the end date
  • Fixed an issue where visitors in Safari private browsing mode caused errors.
  • MS Dynamics: Fixed an issue where cases were attached to inactive accounts