February 26th, 2015 Release notes: New chat notifications of agents in notify all mode

Howdy and happy Thursday everybody!

We released an improvement in how the chat agents are notified of incoming new chats. This change will only impact customers using our option:

Agents Settings > Chat Assignment > Notify all online agents of each incoming chat

and with a chat team where we typically notify at least 5 or more agents on new chats.

Until today, we were processing the agents to be considered for the incoming chat and notifying while reviewing the chat team status. That often caused the first agent in a large team to receive his notification a bit earlier than the last agent in the team.

With today’s change, we are waiting for the full chat team processing to be completed before sending the notifications to all agents being considered for this incoming chat.

This change will address the slight unfairness reported by some customers, where the order in which the agents were defined in the chat team was making some more likely to catch the chats while getting better response time average on these chats.

Happy chatting!