Put Down the Phone and Start Chatting

Don’t keep your customers waiting –
offer them live chat for immediate help

Written by Claudia Arco, SnapEngage Sales
with contributions from Kent Riggs, SnapEngage Sales

Social media has done an excellent job of giving us a sounding board for when we’re unhappy. The first thing we do is tweet right at the brand in hopes of finding some resolution in the hope that someone is listening. What we hear is opportunity. Let’s paint a disastrous picture…

untitled-design-2You’ve made the sale! Congratulations! However, when your gizmos arrived at your customer’s doorstep there was a piece missing in the box. It happens. So the new customer tries emailing your support staff and is met with your automated response email that you’ve received their ticket. 24 to 48-hour response time is common. Ticket resolution will be another 24-48 hours.

A sense of urgency takes over and the customer really wants to know what’s happening with their incomplete gizmo. This prompts a phone call. You’re a successful business and there are acceptable timeframes to offer customer support. Your customer (with temperature rising) dials the phone and tactfully navigates the menus to land on hold. Waiting. Again. They paid for your product! They’re ready to use your awesome goods yet here they sit.

The unfortunate truth is that these are standard business practices. In a world where humans are available within seconds online, your new client is now unhappy because of an honest mistake and has had to take multiple steps in multiple channels to try to find resolution. Ouch. They’re going to be a gem for your customer support team to treat well, I’m sure.

If only there were a way this poor customer could get immediate assistance with low friction for them and efficiency for your support staff. But wait…there is! Enter live chat on your website.

Live chat has had a fantastic resurgence in the last year or so. As brands realize the power of a 1-to-1 channel for interacting with their clients (that is also supported by the rise of social media as opposed to being a competitor to it) – success happens. If you haven’t yet, read this report on our blog from Hootsuite with extensive data to support the notion that ticket resolution times are faster than in email and more preferred than a phone call.

You owe it to your clients and to your staff dealing with those clients to give them the best opportunity for a positive interaction. Utilizing tools that your clients are familiar with, are faster, and more detailed than the current process is a win-win for your team and the customer.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free 15-day SnapEngage trial, or stop by to have a conversation with some of our staff at SnapEngage.com. You’ll be happy you did and your customers will be, too!