Open API Integration Now Delivers JSON

For those who are unfamiliar with the SnapEngage Open API, this is a service we provide where a SnapEngage customer can register a URL which will receive support requests represented as a JSON object.  What this means is that you can integrate SnapEngage into your own system without any work other than configuring the Open API integration.

How To Configure the Open API Integration

In the SnapEngage widget configuration, under the “Integrations” tab, select “Open API” and enter the URL of where you want to receive the support request JSON object.  A POST will be made to this URL when a new offline request or live chat is processed by SnapEngage. Once you are done making changes, just make sure to click the “Save” button.

post api

What Happens Next

Once the API is activated, whenever a new support request is received, SnapEngage will automatically send a POST transaction to the URL specified in the Open API configuration. The transaction will provide details about the support request as a JSON object.

For further information please see our POST API doc