New Feature: Team Messaging for Web Client

Team Chat Room
A great way to get help from your team (and even though Jerome didn’t like my meme… see what I did right there?)

Announcing an exciting new feature today as we have decided to “Pimp your Web Client” with the added ability to have chats with your team members directly inside the web client, no need to use an external service. If you are currently using the Google Talk integration or the Skype integration and have been holding out on making the switch because your team uses those tools to chat amongst themselves, wait no more!

The feature is automagically enabled on your account, if you haven’t tested out the web client (which is awesome) you might want to take this opportunity to make the switch. If you need a quick review on how to make the switch take a look at this help article. Don’t worry, if you don’t like it you can always switch back.

So let’s take a second and learn how to do this. First you will want to make sure you are logged into the web client. Then take a look at the lower left hand corner, you will see a little “person” icon highlighted here in red.

Team Chat

Once you click the person icon you will launch a new window that allows you to select the team member you would like to chat with. Start a chat with them directly by clicking the “Chat” button across from their name and that will take you into a new discussion.

Start a Team Chat

You are just getting the party started so to speak, from this discussion you can invite more people, change the name of the discussion/room and even get people’s attention…whether they like it or not! Team messaging has a built in “mention” feature, it is like a tap on the shoulder if you will. You can address individual people in a room and give them a audible que that you mentioned them in your message. You can do this by using the @ symbol and the person’s name, we will even attempt to auto complete the mention for you based on who is in the room.

Team Chat Mention

You can use the arrow keys to move up and down if the list returns more than one result, the blue highlight indicates whom you will be addressing with the mention function. You can even paste image links directly into the chat to have the image displayed in the team chat. Currently Jing is supported with more services being added shortly. We can not claim any responsibility for what posting crazy cat pictures will do to your productivity, but we hope you enjoy!

We hope you like your chat with a side of chat 😉 Making communication between two people as easy and enjoyable as possible is just part of our mission. Now your whole team can participate in the fun and work together directly inside the web client. This is only the beginning of many more advances, stay tuned… a chocolate fondue fountain is going to look tame compared to what we have coming.