Introducing: Maximum Chats Per Agent

Have you ever wished you could change the maximum amount of chats that each agent can handle? Especially when you have a new agent who is still learning the ropes? Or when you have a rock star agent that easily handles several chats simultaneously?

From now on, you can setup the maximum number of web visitor chats each agent can handle on an individual basis. We’ve done away with a blanket setting that must be applied to all agents on the widget. Just go to your Admin Dashboard, then click Agent Settings and select the agent you’d like to edit. Click on ‘Edit’ and you will see our new setting at the bottom, which reads: “Maximum number of visitor chats”.

You can use the dropdown menu to select the maximum amount of chats that this agent will handle concurrently. Don’t forget to save!

Now your entire agent team can benefit from a maximum chat count that is tailored to each agent’s specific skill-level, allotted chat time, and more. We generally recommend taking no more than three chats at once in order to provide stellar customer service, but we realize that every team is unique and what matters most is what works best for you!

Please let us know if you have any questions about this new setting.