March 26th 2014 Release Notes: Naming changes, Shortcut Instructions and more

Greetings fellow chatters!

For today we have the following:

The big changes here are a few naming changes:

  • We hope that solidifying our lexicon of terms will reduce confusion and make our product more intuitive to new users.
    • The Web Client will now be known as the Chat Portal.
    • The Admin Panel / Configurator will now be known as the Admin Dashboard.
    • And Agents will now be known as Chat Agents.
  • We’ve had some confusion around how to use Shortcuts. So we’ve added a bit of extra instruction to the Shortcuts tab to address the issue.
  • We also fixed an issue where we’d sometimes incorrectly indicate a chat could be transferred directly to an agent across widgets
  • You can now customize the “Just a moment…” message from the “Configure Messages” tab of the Admin Dashboard.