Live Customer Support: Give Your Business A Personality

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We are incredibly social people, aren’t we?  Each day, over one billion users log on to Facebook and communicate with friends and family. Texting is quickly replacing making phone calls as the preferred way to communicate with others.  We like instant results, and we like to be able to talk to people now.

When we started SnapEngage we did so with one simple desire, to make it easier for people to communicate. (+10 points if you can name our VERY first product) Just like social media, having live customer support on your business website gives you the opportunity to instantly communicate with your customers.  Not only that, but it also gives your company a personality, which consumers love. Long gone are the days of the nameless, faceless brands. Companies are composed of people, you should celebrate and showcase what makes you and your team special, show that personality!

Your business has one thing going for it more than any other company out there; that one thing is intimacy. Offering a live chat feature on your website has the power to set your business apart.  You can use it to provide valuable information to your customers about your products.

Try a silly nickname like the “SUPPORT TICKET SAMURAI”! and allow your staff to let their excitement and enthusiasm for slaying support issues reign free. I always get a chuckle when I “run” into the “Skirt Fairy” checking in on our customer The Running Skirt. For a customer that little bit of personality helps make your brand resonate in their mind. Customers appreciate being able to chat, they appreciate a dialogue. This is a large part of why social media for business has grown so quickly.

Here are some of those humans you just might wind up talking to on!Team Jump

Unlike other chat features, when your business uses SnapEngage, your customers will see the actual face of the human being (or cute fairy) they’re talking to.  To us, this is a big deal.  We don’t like automation much, (NO ROBOTS!) and we love knowing that the person we’re talking to is a real person.

What about your business?  Are you looking for a way to maximize the experience your website visitors have when they visit your website?  At SnapEngage, we’re in the business of helping you transform website visitors into happy customers.  We’d love the opportunity to talk to you about how we can help you grow your business.  We’ll even let you try us out, absolutely free.