Live Chat Checkup for the New Year

5-Step Live Chat Checkup

2016 CalendarFor many, the new year signifies a time of new beginnings, bringing excitement, hope and a touch of anxiety. As we reflect on our personal and professional accomplishments (and shortcomings) and begin to set goals for the year ahead, it can be helpful to start with a little housekeeping.

Here are some helpful tips to get your 2016 live chat strategy off to a great start.

live chat checklistDouble Check Your Widget Settings

First thing’s first. Make sure you have the proper SnapEngage widget code installed on your web pages. For example, if you have separate pages or subdomains that deal with topic groupings, such as support or alternate languages, then make sure you are using the appropriate widget code on those pages. Check out our tips and best practices for using multiple chat widgets.

Also be sure to check your integration settings within each widget. If you are using a CRM system, help desk solution, knowledgebase, or any combination of other technologies, ensure that your widgets are properly configured to communicate and transmit live chat data to the appropriate systems. You can also add custom mappings to your integration to best fit your team’s workflow. (Check out SnapEngage’s live chat integration offerings.)

live chat checklist Evaluate Your Agent Settings

For better or worse, live chat agents come and go. So, first of all, make sure all configured agents still belong in their appropriate widgets. But perhaps what’s more overlooked is adapting your agents’ settings to their positions. As agents become more comfortable with live chat or change positions within or outside the team, you’ll want to make sure that you’re adjusting their chat settings accordingly. Settings to consider include: maximum number of chats per agent, hours of operation, agent routing assignment and agent priority tiers. You might also consider updating your agent photos, especially if you have a lot of repeat chatters visiting your site or if you’ve created custom-themed agent photos that may now be outdated.

agent photo agent photo agent photo agent photo agent photo

You may want to also skim through the list of shortcuts in each of your widgets for a quick cleanup of any that may no longer be relevant.

live chat checklist Proactive Chat Messages

We highly recommend ongoing monitoring and optimization of your proactive chat settings, but if you’re having a hard time fitting this into your routine, then now is a great time for an annual review of your proactive chat rules and messages. The best place to start when evaluating performance is to look at your live chat analytics in the SnapEngage Dashboard. The Overview Report will give you a high-level snapshot of how your proactive chat messages are performing alongside your visitor-requested chats.

You can also get a lot more granular with your proactive chat reporting by tracking live chat events in Google Analytics. This will allow for much more robust data to evaluate how each of your proactive chat messages is performing individually, so you can make informed decisions around your optimization efforts.

live chat checklist Freshen Up Your Chat Box Design

Do your live chat box and button design properly represent your brand? If you’re using one of SnapEngage’s basic chat box or button templates or your custom design is outdated, you may consider giving your live chat design elements a makeover. SnapEngage offers full customization of your chat box and button (click on the link below to get started). Need some design inspiration? Check out our gallery of custom chat boxes.

Getting started with your new custom chat box design

Maids In Black chat box design  InductaFlex custom chat box designNewLeaf custom chat box design

live chat checklist Consider Unused Features

Are you taking full advantage of all of the powerful live chat features that SnapEngage has to offer? Trust us, we’re not developing these tools for our lookbook. Every feature release is backed by customer input and is geared towards improving our clients’ workflows and visitor engagement efforts.

2015 was another great year of innovation for SnapEngage with lots of powerful new feature releases. You may be missing out on live chat ROI opportunities, and the best part is a lot of these features are already available in your account. Some notable feature releases worth checking out:

Mobile-Optimized Live Chat

File Exchange


Secure Data Exchange

Agent Tag Routing

As always, we’re here to help. Come chat with us any time.


Happy New Year