Live Chat Analytics Benchmarks

A Baseline for Your Live Chat Data

We’re often asked what are “good” statistics when it comes to live chat performance analytics. While we’d love to give you cut-and-dry answers, the truth is that it truly depends on your usage of the tool, such as sales/support, size of agent team, online availability and many other factors. But, if you’re looking for a general baseline for guidance, here is a side-by-side comparison of our analytics here at SnapEngage alongside our aggregated SnapEngage customer data. (Read more about the data available within your SnapEngage Analytics.)

Live Chat Analytics Benchmarks


Average response time (aside from online availability) is perhaps the most important metric when evaluating live chat agent performance. As humans become more and more distracted and impatient in this digital age, success is often determined by who engages first. When visitors engage with live chat on a website, they are looking for immediate assistance with their top-of-mind questions. If there is any delay in response, they are already onto the next click and website.

At SnapEngage, we aim to maintain an average response time of under 20 seconds. Take a look at your analytics to see how your agent response times may be affecting customer engagement and check out our tips for increasing responsiveness.


It may sound obvious, but in order to get the most out of your live chat tools, you must be available to chat with your visitors online. Your SnapEngage Analytics provide a breakdown of online v. offline chats, which at a high level will help determine how effectively you are using the tools to engage with visitors in real-time.


Proactive messages are automated messages that display to visitors based on pre-configured rules, whereas reactive (or ‘manual online’) chats are communications that are initiated by visitors clicking to chat. For sales-focused live chat efforts, proactive messages provide powerful opportunities to take live chat from just another tool to a sales generating machine. Learn more on how to configure proactive chat rules.


SnapEngage offers post-chat surveys, allowing you to gather valuable customer feedback to identify areas for improvement and drive innovation. Your analytics provide a snapshot of overall customer happiness and also allow you to focus in at the agent-level to reward top-performing team members and coach those needing improvement.


You can use chat duration statistics to evaluate resource usage and allocation. You can also look at these numbers alongside other communication tool metrics to evaluate efficiencies within your team, noting that many chats are held concurrently (as opposed to email and phone that have a one-to-one relationship).

*All data reflects SnapEngage Live Chat usage between January 1, 2015 – August 31, 2015. Global results are based on aggregated data from SnapEngage clients.

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