July 24th 2015 Release Notes: Shortcut improvements and more


Over the past couple of weeks we’ve made the following changes:

  • Added the ability to include a message as part of \goto shortcut command (e.g. “\goto http://www.example.com/features Let me know if you have any questions”)
  • Improved the handling of importing of shortcuts that contained encoded characters
  • Improved the summary search results when using the Mindtouch knowledgebase integration
  • Unicode characters in agent names now showing up correctly in the Admin Dashboard
  • Cleaned up some of the wording around the Upgrade process
  • Cleaned up some styling issues related to the quick start self-chat
  • Fixed broken proactive sound player in the Admin Dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where a failed transfer could prematurely close a chat
  • Fixed some issues where the Chat Portal auto-pause wasn’t always being triggered
  • Fixed a mobile optimized issue where the visitor wasn’t able to swipe down the website after closing a chat
  • Fixed an issue where the Chat Assignment wouldn’t always save if the Hour of Operations option was enabled

The SnapEngage Team