June 13th 2014 Release Notes: Zendesk Oauth

Hello everyone,

We have got some new stuff for you today

  • Fixed issue with Proactive Chat sometimes showing Call Me button although out of Call me schedule. Also minor issue with phone number input error messages.
  • We opened up Call Me to international phone calls.
  • We’ve updated our Zendesk integration to use OAuth authentication. OAuth provides a secure way for your application to access Zendesk data without requiring your sensitive information like username and API token.

    In your Admin Dashboard you will see an upgrade notification:

    The next step will be to connect your Zendesk account

    You will be prompted to login to your Zendesk account if you are not already connected (don’t worry we are not going to save them on our side).
    Next you can grant SnapEngage the access to connect to Zendesk.

    If the connection is successful, you will see the Button as connected

    Don’t forget to hit Save!