January 3rd 2014 Release Notes: Web Client Mute Option

Happy New Year everyone! For the first Friday of 2014 we’ve added the option to mute the web client notifications.

From sounds to desktop notifications the web client makes sure that you never miss a chat, which is a good thing. However, there are times when that important phone call comes in or you want to use Team Chat and you don’t want to hear or see every alert. To help you with this we’ve added the option that gives agents the ability to quickly mute the web client when they need to. The mute option is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the web client. By default all alerts are enabled.
All alerts enabled

When you click on the icon the first time it toggles to where you will only be alerted when someone uses the @Mention option in Team Chat.
Only @Mention alerts enabled

Clicking the icon a second time disables all alerts.
All alerts disabled

And then finally, clicking on the the icon a third time enables all alerts again.

In addition to the mute option, we’ve added better detection of Internet Explorer 11 and are showing the full operating system info, e.g. Microsoft Window 8 vs Win8 in the web client.

Have fun and happy chatting.