Introducing: Configurable Chat Idle Time

You asked for it, so we delivered our latest setting within the Admin Dashboard, configurable Chat Idle Time. This allows an admin to set the amount of time a chat can sit idle before it closes due to inactivity. This allows you to better configure your chat experience for both you agents and your customers.


Let’s say you’ve just started with SnapEngage and your agents are coming up to speed with how to use your knowledgebase. It might take a little more time for your agents to find the answers your customers are looking for, so you might increase the Chat Idle Time a little bit so your agents don’t forget about your customers. However, after time your agents become experts and your customer base grows. Since you don’t want to make the assumption that a customer has left, but you also don’t want to tie up that extra chat slot (remember, if all agents are busy, new visitors will have to wait until an agent becomes available based on the Maximum chats per Agent setting), so you might want to decrease the Chat Idle Time in this case.

So make the most out of your agent’s time and give your visitors the best experience possible using SnapEngage