HIPAA Compliant Live Chat Support for Healthcare Open Enrollment

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For U.S. based individuals and businesses, November 1st marks the beginning of 2016 Open Enrollment on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Each year from November 1st through January 31st (with varying coverage deadlines in between), millions of Americans scramble to evaluate their health insurance needs and shop new and revised plans available through the state-guided health exchanges.

For healthcare-related businesses, this short window presents an influx of questions, activity and opportunity that requires increased support resources. Live chat is an excellent tool to get consumers’ questions answered efficiently and effectively.

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Key benefits of live chat for healthcare

More Personal

While live chat software provides a lot of powerful technological capabilities, its effectiveness ultimately comes down to human connection. Consumers want to speak to qualified representatives who display a genuine interest, especially when it comes to the world of healthcare. In the world of healthcare, communications can be personal and emotional. Using agent photos and human communication in live chat conversations can go a long way in establishing trust with your website visitor.


When comparing live chat with other support methods, mainly phone and email, it’s easy to see why many businesses are transitioning to live chat support services. Live chat tools allow agents to seamlessly handle concurrent conversations, often communicating with 3-5 visitors at a time (numbers vary based on agent skills and comfort level). Furthermore, you can avoid many of the delays, follow-up and subsequent customer frustration that accompany phone (automated systems) and email communications.

Integrate with other technologies

Powerful integrations allow you to work with the systems that you are already using. Send, track and manage live chat transcripts within your CRM, Help Desk, Project Management and other tools to keep all of your client interactions in a single hub. More advanced API integrations are also available for custom integrations to fit your specific needs and goals.

Convenient & Immediate

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of live chat is the ability to instantly answer your visitors questions, sometimes even before they have to ask (see proactive chat). In this increasingly connected world, consumers expect on-demand service and will often move onto the next provider if there’s a delayed or no response.

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HIPAA Compliant Live Chat

When dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI), you need to be sure that you remain compliant with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). SnapEngage provides secure HIPAA Compliant Live Chat services that adhere to the data handling mandates outlined under the federal protections.

For more information on how SnapEngage’s HIPAA Compliant live chat services can benefit your business, click on the link below.

HIPAA compliant live chat for healthcare

HIPAA Live Chat Guide


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