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3 Easy Tools to Capture Patient Lead Data and Increase Healthcare Conversions

Forms can capture high-value healthcare leads, but in this era of attention scarcity, people generally dislike filling them out. If pages with forms turn visitors off, it could result in lost patient leads due to increased bounce rate. 

But what if you could engage with those prospective healthcare leads before they leave your website?

With Live Chat these two objectives are not mutually exclusive. Three easy tools allow you a second chance at conversion before losing valuable website traffic.

Offer the form but give visitors an opt-out and engage Live Chat


The Measurable Goal: Capture high-value data while increasing patients leads and patient lead conversion.
The Obstacle: How do you collect valuable data without losing traffic?
The Solution: Offer the form on your pages but give visitors the ability to opt-out. Then you can use a bot to drive visitors directly where they need to go, such as an agent.


On pages with forms, you have several options to present the opportunity to collect patient lead data as well as engaging those leads that don’t opt in. 

Choose your own adventure 


1. Give visitors the option when they come in with Guide Bot. Include a bot that initiates when the visitor lands on your page. The bot gives them two options:


  • Fill out the form for better routing, or
  • Skip the form and go to an agent.

2. Show the form first but give them an option later. When a visitor lands on your site, show the form first. If the form is not filled out, or a certain amount of time has passed, you can initiate the bot to give them the option to skip the form and chat directly with an agent.

3. Show the form first, if no action is taken and the visitor is about to leave the page, initiate the bot so they can skip the form with Engagement Saver.  This Proactive rule monitors a visitor’s cursor movement to trigger a Pop-up chat when your user is about to abandon the page.

Tools for Success Recap:

Asks a single question and lets the visitor choose from several options with Guide Bot.
Grab your visitor’s attention before they navigate away from your website with Engagement Saver
Create various rules to engage your visitors with Proactive Chat.


Don’t let web traffic slip through your hands without engaging your visitors. SnapEngage Live Chat presents you with an opportunity to create a new relationship with every single visitor to your site while meeting marketing objectives. 

You get the best of both worlds for prospective patient lead data capture and patient lead conversion when you can engage with your visitors. These are just a few of the tools SnapEngage offers to help you increase patient lead conversion. Let SnapEngage help you build your toolbox to grow your business.


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