Get your customers to love you this Valentine’s Day

Get a jumpstart on Valentine’s Day with this guest post from Blake about loving your customers!

Candy Hearts

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year we are all reminded to do something special for those we love. Maintaining good relationships with those we love is something we all know to be very important. However, the importance of maintaining good relationships with our customers; those that help us support the ones we love, is often overlooked.

As a special treat for you on this Valentine’s Day the SnapEngage team would like to present our tips for getting your customers to love you even more.

1. Love is hard. Don’t make it any harder.

The easier your sales process is the more sales you will have. Making sure that a website visitor can transition from a prospect to a happy customer seamlessly is vital to the success of your business. From time to time have someone who is unfamiliar with your website try to become a customer then ask them these three questions: Was that easy? Could we have made that any easier? How?

2. Never stop improving.

Putting the ring on your customer’s finger is important but keeping that customer happy is key to growing that relationship and your business. Make it clear to the customer that you value their feedback. Have a place on your site where customers can submit new feature request or add a line in emails asking your customers “How can we make your experience better?”

Then respond to every request for improvement. Even if the customer inquires about a feature which does not fit your business model, let them know you have received their suggestion and you appreciate their request.

3. Be personal.

All things being equal, people prefer to do business with their friends. All things NOT being equal people still prefer to do business with those they have a more personal relationships with. Once your agents have their photos set up and direct phone numbers designated to them assign new customers to individual agents so that those agents can build more personal relationships with your customers. This will lead to customers having someone they can trust within your organization and ultimately more word of mouth referrals from your customers.

4. Know your customer.

The more that you know about your customer the better you can establish a connection and build a relationship with them. Be sure to integrate your CRM or helpdesk with your live chat application so that your agents can build a profile of each customer then use that information to better engage your customers.

5. Say “I love you, I care about you, and I am here for you.”

I love you noteOr a simple proactive message that says, “Hello, how may I help you?” is sufficient to show that you care. The important part is that you make it clear that the visitor is not alone. Proactive messages are a great way to do this. Learn more about setting up Proactive messages with this guide.

6. Be polite.

While this may seem obvious it is often forgotten. The more your agents are using the terms “please,” “thank you” and a sincere “I’m sorry” for when a goof does occur, the more your visitors will understand your sincerity and commitment to treating them with kindness.

In conclusion, take some time for those you love this February 14th, and also take sometime to follow our tips to ensure that your customers continue to feel the love.

If you have any other suggestions for helping your customers feel like they have been struck by cupid’s arrow please leave your suggestion below.