For The Developer In Your Life, A SnapEngage Treasure Chest

Pondering PugHave you ever wanted to fiddle with a SnapEngage setting? Do you often find yourself pondering the impossible and wondering, “What if?”

If you or someone you know is suffering from this condition known as “changealtertweakcustomizeritis” do not fear as we have just the solution for you.

Announcing! A new site dedicated to the developer/geek/code monkey/pretty much the most awesome person you know in your life that is always searching for the holy grail of APIs, functions and things called “snippets”!

This amazing repository of knowledge is an ever evolving knowledge base with a technical focus that endeavors to collect and maintain all things SnapEngage developer related. You will find things like presetting email addresses for logged in customers, changing proactive timers, even disabling sounds! Stop on by or send your favorite developer the link so that they can dig right in and start coming up with all sorts of new things to test, try, and experiment with. Trust me you will be glad you did!