February 18th, 2014 Release Notes: Configure Messages Feature

We’re rolling out the first iteration of a brand new feature today! You asked for greater customizations of visitor-facing messages, and we listened.

New Feature Release: Configure Messages!

live chat messages

  • When you log in today, you should see a new tab in your “Settings” page entitled “Configure Messages.”
  • This tab allows you to customize a variety of messages which were previously not customizable. Just type in your new version and hit “Save!” If you want to go back to the default message, it’s as easy as clicking the Undo button.
  • Please note that this is the only the first iteration of this new feature, and some messages are not yet configurable. But we are working hard to make that happen! So keep an eye out for new customizable messages coming soon!
  • For users with custom forms: If you have previously requested a change to any of your Pre-Chat form labels or button text (example: “Your email:” or “Chat with us”), these messages are currently hard-coded on your form. If you would like to have control over these messages from the “Configure Messages” panel, please let us know, and we’ll implement the fix for you!