Everyone benefits with live customer support chat

Blue Shopping CartsThe public at large has been using the Internet as a commercial sales platform for what is rapidly approaching a decade and a half. The “shopping cart” is one classic mainstay of the brick and mortar world that has been absorbed into the online store but one element that has been conspicuously absent in the transition from live retail to E-retail is one-on-one customer connection. Now does it make sense to bring live chat customer service to the Internet?  After all, aren’t people shopping online because they want to avoid talking to sales people? Well, not quite; customer service boosts sales because it is not explicitly about sales. Rather it is about building trust and about giving a visitor confidence in the product since they do not get to examine it up close. Let us look at how live chat can improve engagement.

Are there numbers to you back up the claims? Absolutely. It has been found that the number of people who say they have engaged in live chat for an online purchase has risen from 50.4% to 65.5% from 2009 to 2012.  More than 38% of shoppers prefer live chat which is nearly even with the number that favor using social media. Furthermore, the most frequent reason for preferring live chat was because of the ability to ask questions and have them answered on the spot. For a visitor with a potential purchase loaded in a shopping cart this is crucial. They may have to learn as many specifics points about the product before purchasing as possible. It could absolutely be the difference between sale and no sale.

It has been shown time and time again customers that use live chat on their website have twice the conversion rates as those that do not.  One huge reason is the ability for a company and a customer to build an effective relationship. One other great advantage for the customer with live chat is that there is a text based representation of everything that the customer service super hero provided which can easily be saved for later or be used in a search engine for additional follow up information.

SnapEngage understands how important communicating with your site visitors is and how to make it work for you. If you haven’t yet, consider signing up for a free trial and let us show you how.