Engage Your Customers Easily

Roadside ShoppingIt’s hard to engage customers with an online shopping experience when you don’t interact with those customers directly. It’s like those almost-extinct, rural side-of-the-road, self-serve spots where farmers leave piles of firewood or zucchini and ask you to put your money in the tin box. The farmer is out watering those zucchini plants or chopping more firewood and never knows who actually drove by and bought what they left at the side of the road. The honor system means that a transaction takes place, but the farmer never knows what the zucchini will be used for, or that the wood will be used to fuel the first cookout of the season. E-commerce has some of the same drawbacks.

Unlike traditional stores, there usually is no face to face interaction. Your customer makes a purchase, and the modern “honor system” of rules, regulations and privacy certifications ensures that the transaction of money for goods or services will occur. But you, the business owner, is busy making sure there are more goods and services available for the next customer; you don’t know what the current customer needs as they wander around your online store.

This is where SnapEngage comes in. We want to help you move beyond those “drive by” shopping experiences, and our live chat tool will do just that. When a customer enters your electronic store, you have the opportunity to walk up to them and say hello. Our chat box includes your real picture, so they can see the person they are talking to. You can invite them to look around and ask questions if they have any, just as a live retailer would do—and transfer them to a fellow staff member if you need to duck into a meeting.

You can greet your customers while they browse, let them know about any specials that might be going on and then be available to answer their questions when they are ready. Data on repeat customers will automatically appear, giving you a chance to “recognize” them and let them know that you have a great bulk sale on apple and pecan firewood this week (since you see that they purchased firewood last week). Once they are ready to complete their purchase, you have the opportunity to thank them for visiting your store and encourage them to drop by again. In a word, you’ve personalized their shopping experience and increased the possibility of repeat business.