Custom Live Chat Agent Photos

Christm-ify your live chat agent photos

Our team gets pretty amped up for the holidays. It’s a time for us to come together to celebrate the year, and also a great excuse for us to drink eggnog, exchange ridiculous gifts and wear ugly holiday sweaters and onesies (thanks to our favorite outfitters at Tipsy Elves).

Holiday live chat agent photoThis year, our dev team surprised us by adding Santa hats (and other seasonally-inspired accessories) to all of our agent photos, company-wide. The photos have been so well received by our website visitors, we thought we’d share a simple step-by-step guide on how to spread your own holiday cheer with customized live chat agent photos.

1. Search for accessories

Search for your desired agent photo accessories using ‘transparent background’ at the end of your search (i.e. ‘santa hat transparent background’, ‘reindeer antlers transparent background’). Save your selected image, making sure that the image has a transparent background (typically a .png file with white and gray checkered background).

Google Search bar
santa hat image

2. Use image editor to place accessory on agent photo

Open your agent photo and saved image accessory files in your preferred image editing software (i.e Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape). In the accessory image file, select the entire image/canvas and copy it. Navigate to your agent photo file and click paste, then use the Move tool to place it. Don’t forget to save your image!
image editing

3. Upload your new agent image

The final step is to upload your new agent photo into your SnapEngage account. To change out avatars within your team chat channels, agents can upload new images within their Chat Portal settings. All visitor-facing agent photos will need to be changed out within your Admin Dashboard settings. (Note: Only account administrators will have access to this area.)

SnapEngage custom agent photos

It’s that easy:)  … and now that you have the skills, we can’t wait to see all the conversation starters you come up with!

Happy Holidays!