Bite Sized Customer Service Tips: Sharing Success

Proper Ingredients
Today Blake, (one of our resident SnapEngage Customer Super Heroes and a culinary wizard when it comes to easily digestible, snack-sized tips on customer service) will be dropping some of his knowledge on whipping up a great customer service experience in an ongoing series of posts. So keep your knives sharpened and your apron on while we lay out some awesome ingredients and great recipes to make your customer service team the envy of the block. With that, Blake, take it away!

“There is nothing more important to the vitality of your business than keeping your customers happy.”
“While a great product will help with the initial engagement it is the customer support team that will ensure that your customers remain….your customers!
To help you assemble the best live chat customer support team in the world I will present to you, our dearest reader, a new tip every couple of weeks that you can implement to make sure you are on the right track to creating the best live chat customer support team in the world. 
This week’s tip: Sharing = Success
Encourage your customer support team to read each others’ chat transcripts during periods of low activity. This will help your customer support team identify the most efficient ways to handle routine questions and share best practices. 
The more time that your customer support team is reviewing transcripts the quicker your customer support team will be as good as the best member of your team.
To get started:
1. Make sure your chat transcripts are sent to a destination that all of your agents have access to. (For SnapEngage customers set this up under the integrations tab in your configurator. You can even send a copy to several people, simply use a comma between email addresses.)
2. Encourage every member of your customer support team to read at least 10 chat transcripts a day.”