Introducing: Maximum Chats Per Agent

Have you ever wished you could change the maximum amount of chats that each agent can handle? Especially when you have a new agent who is still learning the ropes? Or when you have a rock star agent that easily handles several chats simultaneously?

From now on, you can setup the maximum number of web visitor chats each agent can handle on an individual basis. We’ve done away with a blanket setting that must be applied to all agents on the widget. Just go to your Admin Dashboard, then click Agent Settings and select the agent you’d like to edit. Click on ‘Edit’ and you will see our new setting at the bottom, which reads: “Maximum number of visitor chats”.

You can use the dropdown menu to select the maximum amount of chats that this agent will handle concurrently. Don’t forget to save!

Now your entire agent team can benefit from a maximum chat count that is tailored to each agent’s specific skill-level, allotted chat time, and more. We generally recommend taking no more than three chats at once in order to provide stellar customer service, but we realize that every team is unique and what matters most is what works best for you!

Please let us know if you have any questions about this new setting.


March 24th, 2015 Release Notes: New User Interface fixes

Hello everyone,

We have a few updates for today:

    • Proactive Chat upgrade message will appear only in case it is the old Proactive Chat Rules.
    • Fixed Dropdown alignement problem.


    • On the ‘Options’ page, we moved the “Enable Chat Portal Agents to transfer chats between widgets” checkbox to the ‘Agent Settings -> Chat Assignment’ page. Along with this move we renamed “Enable Chat Portal Agents to transfer chats between widgets” to “Enable chats to be transferred from other widgets to this widget” to better describe it’s functionality. Along with this, we added a new option, “Enable chat transfers between agents”. If this option is checked, then an agent will be able to transfer a chat to another agent from within the Chat Portal.


January 29th, 2015 Release notes: Improvements in Agent Reassignment notifications

Hello all,

We have a few improvements regarding our Agent Reassignment:

  • Agent Notification Email will include the not responding agent, when all agents are maxed out.
  • Agent Notification Email subject will include the non responding agents.
  • The notification for the reassigned agent will include the reassigned agent name (the admin will be able to see who the chat was reassigned to)

January 12th, 2015 Release notes: Auto responder and Agent Reassignment setup with the same time

Hello everyone,

Fixes for today include:

  • Fixed a bug when Auto responder and Agent Reassignment have the same time setup. Now the auto responder will fire after the time it was setup.
  • We identified a bug where Analytics Drilldowns were not respecting the Widget Selection filter — the data in the Drilldown container was incorrectly limited to the current Primary Widget. This has been resolved, Drilldown now shows data from all selected widgets.

August 7th 2014 Release Notes: Hubspot settings load and Salesforce company name field

Publish date:

August 5, 2014

Hello everyone,

We have a few updates for today:

  • Fixed an issue for validating connection between Hubspot and SnapEngage in the Integration settings.
  • Salesforce – for customers using Sales workflow (creating Leads) and Person accounts, the company field is not mandatory in Lead creation. In case you don’t want the company field to be added to the Lead, you can create the following custom mapping: company-mapping
  • The agent survey report now displays the type of survey that is currently selected in the Options tab.
  • Fixed an HTML issue when offline cases were sent to ZenDesk
  • Agent status data will no longer be available for legacy stats, this data is available in the new Analytics
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