Release notes August 24: Salesforce Community Knowledge Integration, Answer Bot Analytics, Hub Variable to update agent links with the visitors email.

Here is the update with what the team has been working on in the last weeks:

New Answer Bot Features:

• We have added an integration with Salesforce Community Knowledge with our Knowledge Base and Answer Bot options. This can now be enabled under the Integrations -> Knowledge Base tab additionally to Salesforce Solutions and the classic Knowledge options.

• We have added a preliminary Analytics tab for the Answer Bot:

We are currently working on enhancing this report with additional options to view and drill down into a list of search terms that were entered by your visitors. Stay tuned for these updates.

• The multi-step Guide Bot and Answer Bot options are now officially released and no longer considered ‘Beta’. Details on the new and improved functionalities can be found in this FAQ article.


• We added a new option to update the agent links in Hub when a visitor entered their email address during the chat with a {hubVar:email} variable. You can read more on how to use this feature here.

• The Info Capture Bot now has an Alias option to display to the visitors, similar to the other bot options.

• Improved the UI of the multi-step Guide Bot to not show the input area to the visitor in between steps

• Improved the UI of the visitor chat box to always show a semi-transparent scroll bar.

Resolved Issues:

• Fixed an issue where some messages were not logged consistently in the chat transcript

• Fixed an issue where agents responses were not visible in the visitor’s side after they attempted to upload a file of an unsupported type.

• Fixed an issue where agent links in Hub were not updating when toggling between chats.

• Fixed an issue where a chat coming from the Guide Bot was not set to offline when no agents were available

• Fixed an issue where an agent who was also the account owner could not transfer chats

• Fixed an issue where SnapEngage cookies showed a Chrome warning about a cross-site resource with SameSite attribute

• Fixed an issue with minified SnapEngage code where the AMD resolver failed in certain configurations.

• Fixed an issue where a close button appeared in the chat after interacting with a Bot.

• Fixed an issue where a SMS case sent even though “do not send chat transcript to destination” option was Selected.

Release Notes July 9: Multi-Step Guide Bot & Other Bot Updates, Auto-Reassignment on Chat Transfers

Hello SnapEngagers,

our team has been working hard on updating our bot offering with some new and improved functionality. Please see this help article for more details, such as:

the new multi-step Guide Bot:

  1. Guide Bot users can chain together up to 100 logical steps to generate more visitor engagement with contextually appropriate messaging and guide customers to the right solution instantly.
  2. Create complex dialog trees and deliver highly-personalized capabilities (i.e. dynamically inject content into bot messages with JavaScript variables).
  3. You can also use Guide Bot’s multi-step dialog to label incoming conversations. This reduces manual agent work and allows users to trigger automated workflows in integrated CRM or Help Desk systems.
  4. Enterprise users can even use Guide Bot to dynamically route chats to the most appropriate agents who specialize in specific skills using Agent Tags.
  5. It’s also possible to use Guide Bot to route incoming chats to additional bots for advanced customization and flexibility.

Other Bot Updates

  1. The new Guide Bot –
    1. now features a ‘Live Preview’ option to test the flow of the bot steps,
    2. includes a configurable offline message option similar to the Answer Bot,
    3. will not take up a chat agent seat anymore but a separate bot seat which can be added in your subscription page.
    4. The pre-chat prompt which can be configured in the Design Studio tab also includes the Guide Bot avatar and alias similar to the Proactive Chat functionality.
  2. The Chat Agents tab will show the enabled/disabled state of the configured bots in the overview.
  3. Adding bots now does not automatically add a Priority Tier anymore.
  4. The “Approval Bot” functionality was renamed to Approval Checker and removed from the Chat Agents tab bot overview. The functionality remains the same.

Other Updates

  1. Chat Routing: Transferred chats which are broadcasted to another widget, broadcasted from the bot or an agent to the same widget will now also trigger the auto-responder functionality if no agent responded in the predefined time frame.
  2. We have updated the automated ‘thank you for your message’ email to be sent from to comply with DMARC regulations.
  3. Fixed an issue with the visitor JavaScript code snippet not being properly minimized to improve loading speeds.
  4. Fixed an issue where the post-chat survey was not showing for API based bots.
  5. Fixed an issue where not-responded chats were not showing in the Analytics Wait Time report.
  6. Fixed an issue where CSV exports for sub-admins were not taking the correct comma or semicolon setting into account.

Release Notes May 22nd: Bot API improvements, Analytics improvements, Bugfixes

Hello SnapEngagers,

here is an update what the development team has been working on in the last weeks:



  • We have removed the limit of 10 concurrent chats per Bot – this applies for the Bot API, Answer Bot and Guide Bot as well.
    Clients who configured multiple front line bots in the same tier to deal with a high surge in customer demand can now use just one bot instead.
  • We have added a ‘context ID’ parameter to the Bot API options. The contextId can be useful when free text input is expected. In this case there is no buttonId to identify where in the process of a multi-step dialogue the visitor currently is, so a contextId comes in handy (you can find the documentation here)

Other Updates

  • We have updated the Analytics Report > Visitor Environment -> Pages report to not cut off URLs at 80 characters anymore.
  • We improved the UI of the Chat Agents tab > Add existing Agent option to better display the list of available agents.


Resolved Issues

  • Hub: Fixed an issue where the Facebook page the visitor was chatting from did not appear in the ‘From URL’ field.
  • Fixed an issue in the Analytics Report > Queue Time where chats form visitors that closed the chat while in the queue did not appear in the report.
  • Fixed an issue where the admin dashboard would not load in Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed an issue where the Logs CSV export showed “chat responded” as false for responded chats, when data was deleted after it was sent to the destination
  • Fixed an issue where the Admin Dashboard appeared to ‘flicker’ when a banner was showing while scrolling down.
  • Visitor Chat:
    • Fixed an issue when sending Secure Data Transfer before accepting the chat resulted in the visitor being unable to reply
    • Fixed an issue where the minimize and close buttons were not clickable in the Edge Legacy browser
    • Fixed an issue where messages with special characters like Kanji were not truncated properly


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Release Notes April 17: Guide Bot Button support for Facebook & SMS channels, Widget Distribution Feature



  • The Guide Bot button option is now supported with our Facebook and SMS channel integrations. In the SMS channel the user will be prompted to indicate their choice with a number: ”(1) sales (2) support” etc.
    Find out more about the Guide Bot Beta here.

  • We have released the new Widget Distribution feature from the closed Beta stage with an improved UI.
    The Widget Distribution tool allows you to have an origin widget installed on your site and use it as a funnel to distribute chats to other widgets.
  • Bot API: There is now an option to add a “button ID” to the buttons in the visitor chat box.
  • We have added Co-Browse feature specific messages to the ‘configure messages’ section so these can be customized or translated.
  • When the option to ‘Require sign in to view support request’ is enabled, chat agents configured in the widget can now view these transcripts as well, not just administrators.
  • We have improved the ‘Is Typing’ notification for all bots at the beginning of the chat, so the notification shows faster before the routing/assignment process.

Resolved Issues

  • Addressed a potential security issue, where an internal configuration endpoint could have been used by a logged in user to view the widget configuration of a different account.
  • Guide Bot: Fixed an issue when the guide bot proactive invite included a widget transfer button option
  • Bot API: Fixed an issue with the bot button message ID not being set correctly.
  • Hub: Fixed an issue where the ‘Agent Links’ section sometimes did not update when toggling between chats.
  • Fixed an issue where the chat case data was removed, when the option to ‘delete case data after it has been sent to the integration’ was enabled but sending the case to the integration failed.
  • Fixed an issue with the sub-admin permissions configuration: When the “Shortcuts” tab permission was set, the “Widget Distribution” feature was visible.
  • Fixed an issue with the Zendesk integration when a subdomain redirect is in place on the Zendesk app.
  • Fixed an issue where when “Notify all agents of each incoming chat” was enabled, agents who missed a proactive invite did not get auto-paused

Deprecation Notice

  • We are sunsetting the ‘Intelligent Pre-Chat’ feature going forward in favour of a new improved feature. This option will be announced soon. We will maintain support for current users of the intelligent pre-chat for the time being.
  • We have removed the and UserVoice knowledge base integrations after the discontinuation of these tools.

Release Notes February 21st 2020

Hello SnapEngagers,

we have been overdue with an update of our recently released updates, changes and fixes we have worked on besides the recently announced Guide Bot (Beta) and HIPAA SMS features.


  • Channels: We added an option to identify individual Facebook users in the CSV Logs export with their Facebook ID.
  • Analytics: Added a percentage number to the Availability Report to see at a glance what % of time agents were in the Online VS Paused status.
  • Hub: We have moved the “+ Start new Team Chat” option to the top of the left side team chat column so the option is easier to find for agents that have a lot of ongoing team chats already.

Resolved Issues:

  • Security:
    • Resolved a cross-site scripting issue on our signin page which was reported by Sohail Shaikhm, Certified Penetration Tester.
  • Analytics:
    • Removed the ‘gmtDate’ and ‘localDate’ fields from Analytics -> Agent Performance -> Response -> Agent report export.
    • Availability report: Fixed an issue where the online hours in range was showing 0
  • Hub:
    • Resolved an issue where a message typed but not sent in one chat was visible in the next chat when switching between the two using keyboard shortcuts.
    • Applied a number of improvements to the loading time of Hub for agents configured on a high (100+) number of widgets
    • Resolved an issue where Hub showed the home screen when clicking on the ‘load more chats’ button in the sidebar.
    • Resolved an issue with Hub not loading on IE11
  • Visitor Chat: 
    • Fixed an ‘unexpected token’ error when a single quote mark was used in the pre-chat greeting message.
    • Fixed an issue where the visitor JavaScript was polling for new messages after an offline form submission.


Release Notes December 23rd: CSV export for all users, Hub Logout and Syncing Improvements

Hello SnapEngagers,

Here are the latest changes that applied to the system in the last weeks:


  • A new CSV export of all agents and sub-admins: An account owner now has the option to download a “Full User Report” of all users across all widgets as a CSV file in the My Account > My Info section.
  • Admin Dashboard:
    • Proactive Chat: We have improved the UI for the proactive configuration modal in preparation for an upcoming feature release. Stay tuned for updates!
    • We have increased the audit log events for changes to the Design Studio tab to include the selection of a different design.
    • We have updated and improved the UI of the subscription and payment page.
  • Bot API:
    • Improved the performance of the initial message query to the bot to speed up the first bot response.
  • Chat Box:
    • Moved the call-me button to the input menu (This option was temporarily in the old position at the bottom of the box outside of the menu).
  •  Hub:
    • Improved the login speed for accounts set up on a very high number of widgets.

Resolved Issues:

  • Hub:
    • Fixed an issue where the system did not immediately register when an agent logged out of the Hub. The “logout” option will now log the agent out of all Hub sessions they were logged in to, across windows and tabs.
    • To avoid missing visitor chat messages we have improved the syncing behaviour of Hub when an agent intermittently loses their connection.
    • Also improved the team chat message syncing.
    • Fixed an issue where agent links were not resolved correctly in the right side column.
    • Fixed the infinite scroll on team chats.
    • Fixed an UI issue with the Knowledge Base search box and file upload request modal.
    • Fixed an UI issue with the Survey Score modal.
  • Microsoft Dynamics integration: Fixed an issue where the ‘Topic’ field in Dynamics was not updated by the custom data mapping selection
  • Proactive Chat: Improved the admin dashboard performance when a high number of proactive chat rules are configured
  • Auto Translate: Fixed an issue where auto-translated messages were missing for a transferred chat.
  • Analytics:
    • Fixed Agent Performance – Transfers Report – drill down by agent not displaying chats.
    • Fixed two issues with Visitor Experience – Queue Report:
      Chats in Queue vs Total Count report drill down showing the wrong selection of chats.
      (Notice: The Hourly Average Time in Queue and Visitor Queue Time Binned Report are currently not yet updated and remain to be fixed.)
      Queue report graph was showing the queued chats outside the top of the report.

Release Notes November 15th: Bot API Public Beta, Mobile Buttons Option, Hub Starred Chats, Copy Transcripts and other Improvements

Hello SnapEngagers!

Here’s what the development team has been working on in the last couple of weeks:

Bot API Public Beta

We have now made the Bot API Beta available for Professional and Enterprise plans.

The SnapEngage Bot API allows developers to create your own chat bot or build a connection with 3rd party bot providers. Through the API a bot agent can take chats just as a human agent can and perform operations such as sending messages and issuing various commands such as transfers, bans and /goto redirect.

A developer documentation can be found here.

Hub Improvements

  • Visitor Chat: Agents can now copy the chat transcript into the clipboard, along with some additional case information.The option is available in the chat actions during the chat, as well as after the chat:
  • Team Chat: We added a ‘Starred’ chat option so you can pin your most important team chats to the top.
  • We have updated the Hub color scheme to improve the readability.
  • Home Screen: We removed the banner ads and moved the latest news to the front.


Design Studio Mobile Buttons

We have added a feature to add additional mobile buttons to the Design Studio -> Online/Offline Button settings. You can now configure individual button style, type, position settings for desktop and mobile to match your mobile optimised layout:

Other Improvements

  • Security:
    • We have added additional Audit Logs for the Design Studio selection in the Style tab.
    • We have disabled the possibility to allow adding agent and admin accounts to different organisations to increase general account level security.

Resolved Issues

  • Proactive chat: Fixed an issue where certain rule types like language or time of day were being ignored.
  • Visitor chat:
    • Fixed an issue causing problems with the ‘is typing’ notification
    • Fixed issues with sending messages when visitor used Japanese IME Keyboard on Chrome
  • Hub:
    • Fixed some issues with the UI of the new left sidebar
    • Fixed display problems of the agent avatars in the IE11 browser.
    • Fixed an issue where invalid email addresses like were misidentified as valid email addresses
    • Fixed messages in team chat not syncing after computer goes to sleep
  • Auto Translate:
    • Fixed an issue where the translations were lost after a transfer
    • Fixed missing time stamps on auto translated messages.
  • Analytics: Fixed analytics filter column not working on IE11


Release Notes Sept. 23rd: New Hub Sidebar, Analytics improvements, Design Studio button options

Hello SnapEngagers!

Here’s what the development team has been working on in the last couple of weeks:

Analytics Improvements

As part of an ongoing effort to improve our analytics offering, the Overview, Agent Performance Response Time and Duration reports and weekly stats emails are now based on a more accurately calculated “Event” based data set.

  • This improvement is resolving an issue where some responded chats were incorrectly categorized as not responded chats in the reports.
  • We have also improved the previously restricted drill-downs for these reports, so they will return the correct results for larger data sets. Previously the drill-downs were restricted to 100 cases.
  • The weekly stats emails layout and dataset have been updated to reflect the Overview Report online/offline/responded split.

Please note: The new version of analytics relies on a new way of tracking event data. The data set supporting the new version of analytics only reaches back to 01/2018. If you want to look at older historical data before 2018 you can add the parameter ?old to the analytics URL. The new version of the report should not be run on data prior to 01/2018 because the data needed to drive the new report does not exist for that time period. You cannot compare “old” reports to “new reports” for this timeframe (the new report simply doesn’t have data for that period).

New Hub Sidebar

We have released the new improved left sidebar in Hub. Improvements include:

  • Visitor and Team chats are now combined to one view, to make switching between the two sections easier.
  • The background color has been updated to highlight the actual chat transcript column more.
  • The recent chat and team chat sections can be collapsed so agents can better focus on the live ongoing chats

Other Updates

  • Hub:
    • Fixed an issue where Secure Data Transfer data was not removed from Hub immediately after the chat ended and moved to the Recent section.
    • Fixed an issue where the chat history was not accessible in the chat transcript column.
  • Visitor Chat
    • Fixed an issue where proactive chat messages got duplicated in the transcript.
    • Improved the UI of the visitor email transcript function
    • Improved the UI of the post-chat survey feature
  • Design Studio
    • We have added a ‘secondary button’ option to the Chat Box settings to make previously not configurable button colors configurable.
  • Chat Logs
    • We now show the chat history of visitors from Facebook or SMS in the chat cases.


Release Notes Aug. 15th: Post-Chat Visitor Transcript Request

Hello SnapEngagers!

Today we have a great update for our recently released Visitor Email Transcript Request option.

Using the new “End chat delay” option in the Integrations settings, your visitors can now request the email transcript for a short configurable time following the end of the chat. This feature is particularly useful to convert unknown visitors and gather their email address.

(Please note that the chat still counts as closed for the agent, so it will not occupy a chat slot or increase the chat duration in the analytics.)

  • Once enabled, the email transcript option will be offered below the chat transcript, and if applicable, above the survey option.
  • If the visitor requested a chat transcript already during the chat, this form will not appear.
  • If your configuration is set to only send the chat transcript to the destination when the visitor email address is valid, entering the email will also trigger sending the case to your integration.
  • The email address the visitor entered is now included in the CSV export option, custom data mapping option and logs API.


Other updates

  • Bot API: We are now no longer sending system messages to the bot (reloading or browsing on the page, transfer system messages, etc) so the bot does not mistakenly try to respond to messages not sent by the visitor.
  • The chat transcript in the Logs section now includes the widget name as an additional field below the agent survey section.

Resolved Issues

  • Hub:
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in a ‘Something unexpected happened’ error on Internet Explorer and Edge.
    • Fixed an auto-pause sound notification issue.
    • Fixed an issue where the number of ongoing chats of other agents did not show up in the transfer menu.
    • Fixed an issue where some chat messages were removed from the input box before being sent when trying to copy&paste.
  • Visitor Chat: Fixed an issue where the ‘Please wait…’ system message was not showing to the visitor before connecting to an agent.
  • Admin Dashboard:
    • Fixed an issue where saving the proactive chat configuration page with a lot of rules showed an error.
    • Fixed an issue where the Save button sometimes did not show up in the admin dashboard.

Release Notes August 1st: Survey rating & comment integration mapping, visitor email transcript request option

Hello SnapEngagers,

We have some nice improvements to announce today:

Visitor email transcript request

We have added a much-requested feature to the visitor chatbox: Visitors can request their email transcript, so chat agents do not have to manually forward those to the visitor anymore. You can read more about this option here.

A shortly upcoming improvement to this option is an option for the visitor to request the transcript for a brief time after the chat has ended. This feature will be available in conjunction with the other improvement:

Survey grace period

This option allows the closing of the case to be delayed by a few minutes (1 to 10) for the visitors to fill in the survey, so it can also be sent along with the integration, transcript email or integration API. You can read how to set up this feature here.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an issue when the transcript still recorded the location after setting the option to not store it.
  • Bot API:
    • Fixed an issue where the bot responded to a system transfer message
    • Updated the API code template linked in the help article to take care of some system response issues. If you are interested in using the Bot API Beta, please contact us on
  • Visitor Chat: 
    • Fixed an issue where the agent avatar did not update on transfer.
    • Fixed an issue where the text button disappeared after ending the chat in IE11
    • Fixed an issue where the visitor chat JavaScript code assigned incorrect values for the visitor name, if no name was given.
  • Hub:
    • Fixed some issues causing a ‘something unexpected’ error to appear.
    • Improved syncing the Hub after the chat to automatically display unread team chat messages.
    • Fixed an issue causing agents to be logged out when labeling a chat.
    • Fixed an issue where the Knowledge Base option disappeared when switching the widget during the chat.