Five reasons why chatbots should be part of your frontline strategy

Teams are constantly being asked to do more with less. For many smaller companies, the same people often cover sales, customer service, and billing.

Chat was supposed to relieve some of this pressure since, as a channel, chat is more efficient than phone calls and emails. However, staffing live chat full-time can be challenging.

Many companies invested in a chat solution in order to better support clients and capture more leads. But how they manage chat can spell the difference between exceptional and terrible customer experiences. Why? Customers expect immediacy and expertise when it comes to chat. They will wait less than 1 minute too hear back after sending a chat and their threshold for dead end loops is low.

Even companies with dedicated, full-time chat teams are hard-pressed to support every single request. Unifying human resources with chatbots in the right way is a match made in Client Experience (CX) heaven.  

An intelligent mix of chatbots and humans is the key

Achieving a perfect record of zero missed conversations is a sizable goal. While most teams either try to staff chat with sales and support teams, others rely too heavily on costly AI solutions. Keep in mind that customers want to use live chat. Quality, live conversations are the goal for clients and businesses alike.

SnapEngage found that 11% of all conversations are missed or do not happen in real-time. This is the equivalent to a customer calling and emailing, but never hearing back. Missing over 10% of conversations means loss of sales, decreased customer satisfaction and negative brand recognition.

That’s where chatbots come in. As a first line of defense, chatbots guarantee responses. Unlike human agents who need coffee breaks, bots work tirelessly and can answer unlimited site visitor requests. The best companies are setting up chatbots for the most repetitive tasks, while routing to human agents when needed.

A healthy combination of chatbots and humans provide a seamless and valuable customer experience. If set up properly, bots can be trusted to handle interactions, even when human availability is limited. All interactions deserve a response. Here are five reasons why chatbots should be part of your frontline strategy.

1. Chatbots as automated assistants

  • Bots can ask predefined questions to uncover customer needs. Bots can then route conversations to the appropriate team member, department, or offline option (like an email address, CRM, or Help Desk)

2. More valuable conversations, more often

  • Breaks for humans is a good thing. Breaks for bots are unnecessary. Not only do bots provide unlimited support, but they are not limited to 1-2 conversations at a time. While humans can focus on only a few conversations at a time, bots can manage unlimited chats. They can then send the higher value conversations to a live human agent.

3. Answers to frequently asked questions

  • As many as 80% of customer questions are repetitive, quick and frequently asked questions. 
  • 64% of consumers and 80% of business buyers said they expect companies to respond to and interact with them in real time.
  • Consider how invaluable instant interactions are. Is the best solution a radical increase in headcount in customer-facing departments, or the deployment of uchatbots and other AI-powered technology?

4. Guides to the best next step

  • Having multiple communication channels doesn’t have to mean scattered conversations. Just as humans track client journeys, so can skilled chatbots. The best chatbots can track conversations across channels (like Twitter and Facebook)
  • Well-configured chatbots are always prepared for the next step, whether the visitor needs routing to a live human with a specific skill set, a prospect is ready for a product demonstration, or a technical action needs to trigger (like a password reset). 
  • Integrations are key. The best chatbots can send additional questions (along with the chat transcript) to a Help Desk or CRM for follow-up.
  • Chatbots that learn from conversations will always have an edge. Where are clients getting stuck? Perhaps some documentation is unclear or missing. The top chatbots uncover these insights.

5. No downtime

  • Customer expectations have changed. Customers already expect to have products or services available at all times. That same expectation is now manifesting in client engagement. Instant interactions mixed with exceptional customer service is the new way to win at client success.
  • Real-time responses are the new normal. As business leaders try to understand their customers and provide instant answers, they must have a strategy for staffing chat.
  • Chatbots provide a constant, valuable and inexpensive way to automate certain tasks so that your human talent can focus on more complex issues and opportunities.

Use chatbots to retain and grow

If done right, chatbots build powerful experiences that help customers stay connected to brands. Supercharge retention and expansion efforts by providing flexible, customizable chatbot solutions.

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Guide Bot: How to Increase Sales With Chatbots

Qualify leads without human capital or pesky web forms

Chatbots take care of an age old problem, web forms. Web forms quickly go from a lead-generating tool to a barrier of entry.

SnapEngage’s chatbot solutions can help. A customizable Guide Bot guides prospects through the sales funnel and works to pre-qualify (or disqualify) leads. 

Best of all, the end result is up to you. Guide Bot conversations can be sent to your CRM or helpdesk, to the correct human chat agent, to a page, or even to another bot. Options are endless. 

Sales teams can focus on higher-quality leads, minimizing repetitive human interactions. Reduce operational costs and increase the quality of communication while building up the sales pipeline.

Chain together dialog trees

How many questions does it take to qualify a lead? A lot. Many questions open up different topics that a salesperson can easily pivot to. Now, the Guide Bot can too. Chain together up to 100 logical steps to create complex dialog trees. 

Create highly-sophisticated, multi-step bots within minutes. Not all prospect conversations are the same. Bot conversations shouldn’t be, either. The Guide Bot opens up the realm of flexibility, allowing leads to drive the conversation. You provide the choices, prospects do the rest. 

Create a Guide Bot in minutes, no coding experience required 

This is not a drill. The Guide Bot can be designed without using developer resources or brushing up on code 101. 

See the Guide Bot come to life with in-app testing. Tweak messaging quickly and further customize the dialog trees by adding routing rules.

Test the Guide Bot without adding payment information. Create bot “rough drafts” to prepare for a future launch. Pay only when the bot is set up to support your unique use case and you’re ready to go live

Keep tabs on the bot. If you see a link in the Guide Bot chain isn’t functioning correctly, easily test and remedy the issues.

Customize messaging

Take customization a step further. Dynamically inject content into bot messages that add further personalization. For example: 

  • “I see you’re interested in [item in cart]. I can help you check out!”
  • Hi there, [first name], welcome back!”
  • Your account expires on [expiry date]. I can help you extend so that you don’t lose service.”

Bots can get a bad reputation for being, well, too robotish. Adding tokens of personalization allows bots to remain automated while delivering individualized solutions.

Route conversations to the most qualified sales team member

The Guide Bot has done its job, the prospect is pre-qualified. It’s time to handoff the qualified lead to a sales rep. Not any sales rep, but the right sales rep. Trigger the Guide Bot to display calendar links for visitors to schedule a demo or call directly from the chat window. Save your agents time while standardizing data that passes through bot conversations. 

Generate automated workflows to your CRM or helpdesk to further reduce agent clicks. Follow-up quickly with pertinent information and create personalized experiences for prospects.

Route Chat Conversations Using GuideBot

Be helpful without seeming like a pesky salesperson 

Allow prospects and customers to self-service. Chatbots can work to understand visitor intent and attempt to provide a solution. Prospects in the research phase must be allowed to search for help without being bombarded by bots or humans. A negative first experience can lead to site abandonment and can even foster a lack of trust moving forward. 

Rather than using the full force of sales resources, create a positive environment with self-service chatbots. We solve this with our Answer bot. A chatbot that is simple to deploy, provides helpful resources, stores conversations, and can take appropriate action is unparalleled.

Create the most personalized chatbot interactions possible 

Truly customize chatbot conversations to each client’s needs. Your customers are all different, shouldn’t you treat them as such? Custom chatbots are the most flexible, powerful ways to integrate bot functionality into your digital customer engagement strategy. 

At SnapEngage, we have the Custom Bot API. Because sometimes, out of the box doesn’t cut it. 

Go beyond answering common questions and integrate custom bots into your overall business to take your engagement and support strategy to the next level. 

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What are Chatbots?

What Are Chatbots


Chatbots, or “conversational agents” are software applications that mimic written or spoken human speech for the purpose of simulating and interaction with a real person. Chatbots are most commonly used in the customer service space and are becoming more common partly due to the fact that they can provide round the clock accessibility and highly sophisticated human-like conversations.

Chatbots are becoming smarter and easier to install and use. We explored different kinds of chatbots to see what problems chatbots can solve and who should use them.

“Chatbots can reduce customer service costs by up to 30%.”

Types of chatbots

1. Problem-solving chatbots allow human chat agents to spend more time on difficult problems as opposed to handling inquiries that often can be answered by referencing guides on the website (FAQ). These chatbots provide:

  • automated answers
  • instant resolutions to clients
  • 24/7 support to eliminate wait times and boost customer satisfaction

2. Chatbots that start a personalized conversation to understand the visitor’s intention and guide them to the best human resource for further assistance, like the Guide Bot. Chatbots can further:

  • provide clients with triaged options
  • connect visitors with the correct human resource 
  • support specific job functions, like help book more meetings or boost lead generation


3. 100% customizable chatbots, like the Chatbot API, allows teams to scale chat conversations without inflating a human team, keeping conversations personalized and meaningful. This “bring your own bot” approach can:

  • automated answers
  • instant resolutions to clients
  • 24/7 support to eliminate wait times and boost customer satisfaction

4. Chatbots to build trust with site visitors by asking for only the information needed to fill an inquiry. They work to:

Choosing the right chatbot

While chatbots are all the rage, research needs to be done to accurately choose the best chatbot for your team. Critically assess what your team needs and what technological resources you have. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions!

  1. Do your clients tend to ask easily answered questions or require more in-depth assistance?
  2. How important is the voice and tone of the chatbot?
  3. What resources are you prepared to put towards a chatbot solution?

Keep your site visitors and clients in mind throughout the vetting process so you can continue to deliver the best experience possible.

Growing with chatbots

Treat chatbots as a member of your team that needs continuous training to ensure continuous improvement. Research solutions fully and test when possible. Understand what your team needs from an internal standpoint so you can ask the right questions to chatbot providers.

We recommend keeping stats on both your chat agents and chatbots so you can compare customer satisfaction scores and see what clients are really asking your chatbot. Continue to refine your chatbot process. Chatbots are flexible and designed to fit different needs, use this to your advantage.

Chatbots + humans

Chatbots cannot be expected to perform the same duties as a real human. It is widely recommended that chatbots be used in conjecture with a human chat team. Doing this will allow your human team to focus on the important issues and increase your website conversion rate. Together, chatbots and humans can:

  • Serve more clients than ever before
  • Have more precise and meaningful conversations
  • Focus on the important issues
  • Drive conversion rates
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Keep learning

Ask questions and be curious. Companies using chatbots effectively enjoy elevated customer service and automated business processes. What is right for your team today may not suit your business needs in the future. Continue to refine and rethink chatbots in the marketplace to make informed decisions. Ready to begin?

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Live Chat Accessibility And The ADA

Web security and accessibility

Digital accessibility today

Digital accessibility across the web and websites are becoming increasingly popular and necessary. For one thing, we are in the digital age. Brick and mortar businesses are moving to the web at a furious pace. But that’s not the only reason to keep accessibility top of mind.

Supporting accessibility is even more important from a social standpoint, as broadening businesses scope and reach strengthens company brands. SnapEngage is committed to serving the needs of all types of demographics, including users with disabilities.

Chat opens the door to more powerful customer relationships, and is known as the channel with the highest customer satisfaction rate across the web. Users with disabilities can be empowered to experience greater access to the internet.

We strive to meet the most current guidelines for compliance, including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA. By addressing and believing in these access standards, SnapEngage is delivering greater value to all users, including our clients’ users.

What is digital accessibility?

Let’s break this term down. Accessibility is about making things friendlier and more accessible to all people, whether they have a disability or not. Digital refers to anything related to the internet, which today, is everything.

Put the two together and see a world where the web is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. Guidelines can be put into place to ensure anyone using digital tools and platforms are able to have a pleasant experience.

Why are we hearing about this now?

Digital accessibility may be a newer concept to some industries, but for others it has been top of mind for quite some time. One reason is because digital accessibility lawsuits are on the rise. Ask Domino’s pizza. Now is the time when ordering a pizza, planning a vacation, paying bills, and checking package statuses all happen on one device, all without talking to a single person. The SnapEngage visitor experience (what customers experience when they are chatting) has been designed to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA to assist you in overall web presence compliance.

3 important aspects to consider when discussing accessibility

SnapEngage is built to be accessible. Serving a larger community, including community members with disabilities, should not be an afterthought. With that in mind, here are three aspects to consider for your business.

1. Any business using chat for support or to provide a service must make chat equally available to disabled persons under the law. 

2. A disability, like hearing, visual, and color-blindness, should not keep anyone from participating in a web conversation. 

3. Software accessibility can require a lift from both the provider and the business. Take care to do your due diligence.

Web accessibility best practices

There are many tools available today, and we recommend checking out the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for in-depth details. From the SnapEngage side, we have a few suggestions.

Keyboard navigation Every component of the chat can be accessed using a keyboard without requiring a mouse or trackpads.
Outlined elements Actionable elements (like button choices) can be outlined with a border.
Color contrast Create high-contrast color schemes palettes in the Design Studio so all text is clearly visible.

Communicating with all visitors

Accessibility needs to cover the entire website, including extra site tools like live chat. Chat enables engagement throughout the entire customer journey and is the quickest way for customers to get in touch with you.

Accordingly, chat should be a top accessibility priority.

Continuing to make your online site accessible will ensure that the internet as a whole becomes more welcoming. For more ways to improve communication, reach out to us.

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How SnapEngage Supports Inclusivity

Black lives matter

A letter from our CEO to the team at SnapEngage

As we face unprecedented waves of social and economic turbulence, I urge all of us to use this moment as an opportunity to inspire positive change in our communities and in ourselves.

So long as racism remains a stain on our collective humanity, we cannot call ourselves truly human. SnapEngage supports the global peaceful protests and calls for reform.

A commitment to diversity is not new for us, it is a core value. We have always been a diverse, international team and we reject any form of racism. SnapEngage was founded on diversity by two foreigners who came to the United States. We are happy we built a team with people from all over the world, regardless of their nationality, skin color, religion, or sexual orientation. Promoting cultural exchanges and creating community within SnapEngage has been a core value for us from the beginning.

In the light of recent events around George Floyd’s murder and protests all around the world (the Black Lives Matter movement is supported by protests across our Boulder, Colorado and Berlin, Germany offices), we need to reinforce our core values. There are a couple things we could act on right away, and there are things that we must continue to have at the heart of our company: Respect, Open mindedness, Willingness to support each other as equals. When we do this, we each do our part in making our world a little better. 

Here is what we are doing to support the cause:


1. We will be reaching out and offering our software for free to the following organizations:

2. Charitable contributions. We will set up an annual budget to donate to one of these charitable organizations. Even in trying times (COVID-19) and even though we are a small company, our contribution will make a difference.

3. We are encouraging our teams to take advantage of an important company benefit: Service Days. For example, Black Girls Code and Hack The Hood look for experienced coders who want to mentor underrepresented youth of color. We will also look to volunteer at upcoming opportunities in Denver.

4. The leadership team will recommit to driving real results around diversity, inclusion, open communication, and tolerance. Not just at SnapEngage, but in our communities as well.  

If you are looking to support the community, here is another idea: support Black businesses. Your money is powerful. Where you spend and how you spend could help change the tide.

Here is a list of Black-owned businesses near our Boulder, Colorado office.

Here is a growing list of Black and Brown businesses near our other office location Berlin, Germany. The map is provided by a website called Black Brown Berlin.I am inspired to see so many people around the world exercise their constitutional and civil freedoms to stand up for what is right.

Thank you,
Sofia Rossato
SnapEngage CEO

Sofia Rossato, SnapEngage CEO

Curious about the organizations mentioned above? Learn more here: 

Code2040 is a nonprofit activating, connecting, and mobilizing the largest racial equity community in tech to dismantle the structural barriers that prevent the full participation and leadership of Black and Latinx technologists in the innovation economy.  

Black Girls Code has a vision to increase the number of women of color in the digital space by empowering girls of color ages 7 to 17 to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures through exposure to computer science and technology. To train 1 million girls by 2040. 

Hack the Hood serves under-resourced youth of color, ages 16-25, who are interested in pursuing tech-related careers, but who do not yet have access to the resources they need to succeed.  

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Connectivity: SnapEngage’s Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Remote worker


Like all of you, we have been closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve always been a global company, with employees working from home part of the time each week. Our teams work to foster connectivity to deliver the most value to our clients, even as we practice social distancing.

Many of our clients are facing the sudden transition to different ways of working. This is happening while shouldering the emotional and physical impact of COVID-19. We are doing what we can to offer our resources and aid as we transition to a new reality. For example, we’ve introduced a COVID-19 Symptom Checker chatbot designed to help healthcare providers triage incoming traffic. We hope the resources below help you stay connected to each other, your clients, and your community.

Stay connected, build relationships

1. How to reduce Coronavirus business impact  

2. How our remote teams use Team Chat to drive connectivity A well-structured knowledge base can resolve a high percentage of common questions. Don’t have a current knowledge base? Google Custom Search allows any website to become a knowledge base. 

3. Automate important messages with Proactive Chat Answer Bot is extremely customizable. Enable the bot to be the first line of defense for clients, or strictly as backup when live agents are busy or offline. Provide 24/7/365 support to eliminate client wait times and boost overall client satisfaction. 

4. Instantly direct visitors to the right location with Guide Bot 

5. Set up a COVID-19 Symptom Checker bot (we’ve already built it for you!) 

Sofia Rossato
CEO at SnapEngage

Sofia Rossato, SnapEngage CEO 

Resolve Client Questions Quickly With Answer Bot

Answer Bot sample

Your customers have questions

Did you know that up to 80% of customer questions are routine? Many customers prefer chatbots for simple queries. Customers who have no choice but to ask routine questions to support agents can create a frustrating experience for both parties, leaving agents less time to focus on more complex issues.

Clients deserve the best answers quickly. Customer service agents should spend more time on difficult cases rather than answering routine questions. Deliver a delightful experience to customers and quickly provide helpful answers all without involving a human.

Answer Bot is the key to providing efficient answers, all while relieving demand on agents by deflecting incoming chats. Scaling your support team just got easier and more cost-effective. Clients can continue to get the instant help they require, agents are kept free for more difficult questions, and all customer service bot conversations are saved and stored like any other chat.

More cost effective, more conversations

Working hours

Resolve issues before you can say, “Welcome to SnapEngage!”  

Connect Answer Bot to an existing knowledge base and it will automatically pull a number of answers relating to the client question into the chat conversation. The client can choose from any article on the suggested list. 

A well-structured, well-written knowledge base can resolve a high percentage of common questions. Don’t have a current knowledge base? Google Custom Search allows any website to become a knowledge base.

Bonus: Answer Bot stores all queries, making it easier to identify content gaps in your existing documentation.

Answer Bot is extremely customizable. Enable the customer service bot to be the first line of defense for clients, or strictly as backup when live agents are busy or offline. Provide 24/7/365 support to eliminate client wait times and boost overall client satisfaction.

Scale customer support teams for a fraction of the cost 

50%-80% of routine questions can be resolved through automation. Offer clients valuable educational information and triage other requests accordingly. Uncover the reason for chatting in, prioritize the most urgent issues, and route conversations to the right people. As customer service bots work to provide faster resolutions, chat agents will feel more productive and focused on the most important issues.

By deflecting routine inquiries like, “How do I reset my password?” or “What is your office address?”, agents can spend more time focusing on high-value inquiries that require more time and hands-on support.

Business needs change quickly and chatbots can pivot to fit any direction that you are headed. Chat and chatbots combined handle business complexities with ease.   

Coronavirus Symptom Checker Bot

Bot answering questions from four different people


Help people determine their Coronavirus symptoms and risk with chatbots. The beauty of chatbots is their levels of customization and uptime. This is particularly helpful when diagnosing rapidly changing scenarios. We created a ready-to-use Coronavirus Symptom Checker bot designed to support healthcare organizations around the world to reduce Coronavirus impact. In times where human resources are extremely valuable, software platforms, automation, and SMS messaging can make a difference. Chatbots can work independently, delivering high-quality care to identify Coronavirus symptoms and provide further assistance. If patients require further care, the Coronavirus Symptom Checker bot will leverage human chat teams for clinical follow-up.

Stay connected while staying apart

and live chat options provide critical support when it comes to identifying symptoms. Both solutions allow individuals to stay home. Whether mandatory or not, quarantine is happening across the globe. People cannot or do not want to leave their homes. Getting critical healthcare should be a non-negotiable.

People are turning to the web for answers. Connect with patients where they already are, and provide assistance to those who may feel vulnerable. The Coronavirus Symptom Checker bot also allows patients who are not at the highest risk to stay home, reserving much-needed hospital capacity for those most in need. 

Time is of the essence when it comes to Coronavirus symptoms. That’s why the Symptom Checker bot comes complete with questions poised to identify potential risks. Provide peace-of-mind, escalate cases, and help people identify Coronavirus symptoms and risks, all online.

Evolve quickly with tailor-made solutions

The healthcare industry has had an influx of patient inquiries due to the Coronavirus. At times when human capital is extremely valuable and time is of the essence, automation is vital. Manage requests quickly and effectively with the use of the SnapEngage COVID-19 Symptom Checker bot. The Coronavirus Symptom Checker bot is designed to: 

  • Virtually ask patients about symptoms, ensuring patients do not have to leave the house
  • Automate the patient process, allowing healthcare professionals to stay hyper-focused on most significant tasks 
  • Escalate patients to a healthcare professional as needed
  • Immediately make an impact, with a 30 minute onboarding 

Pivot quickly with Coronavirus Symptom Checker bot

Technology solutions, including the COVID-19 Symptom Checker bot, are designed with flexibility in mind. Utilize all resources at your disposal to ensure human capital is being tasked with only the most important duties. 

Mold the Symptom Checker bot to tailor to any health condition with customized messaging and routing options. Most importantly, enjoy assistance on set-up and automation creation. Utilize SnapEngage professional services and onboarding assistance to create a personalized and innovative chatbot experience that will provide the most value to patients.

Customized solutions with Professional Services

Technology serves high-quality information

SnapEngage partner, XSELL Technologies is focused on delivering support during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“XSELL Technologies understands the challenges many businesses are facing right now and stands ready to assist. XSELL is able to partner with businesses to rapidly deploy online specialist augmentation, empowering organizations to engage with customers to distribute and disseminate more accurate information consistently to people.”

~ Kathy Cambridge, Vice President, Client Success, XSELL Technologies

As the number of cases increases, so will the need for Coronavirus symptom checks. Automated screening tools, like the Symptom Checker bot, enable the healthcare industry to reserve human capacity and resources for those in need of immediate care.

The situation is quickly evolving. Stay tuned for continuous innovations, and stay safe. Contact SnapEngage to learn how we can help your business reduce the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and easily identify Coronavirus symptoms.

Remote Work | 5 Ways SnapEngagers Stay Productive And Connected

Company photograph

Written by guest author Savanah Eichfeld (Director of Talent at SnapEngage).

Required social distancing has redefined remote work. For some it’s a fairly easy transition and for others it’s requiring total transformation. Regardless, most of us are asking ourselves how we continue to crush it every day with wildly new conditions. SnapEngage has been a global organization from the very beginning. We’ve learned a lot about remote work along the way and would like to share some of those lessons with the world!


What does remote work look like at SnapEngage?

Two former software engineers named Jerome founded SnapEngage ten years ago. One Jerome lived in Boulder, CO and the other Jerome lived in Berlin, Germany, so SnapEngage began life as a fully distributed organization. Since those early days, we’ve operated on a partial remote schedule. Up until recently, this has meant that twice a week, most of us worked remotely. This has allowed us to take full advantage of our in office days while still allowing for the flexibility and focus that working from home provides. It also supports and enhances the foundational pillars that make SnapEngage special: trust, tools, transparency, virtual connection, and purpose. 

1. We focus on outcomes

Like we said, everyone gets to work from home. Trust is a key part of how we work from day one. We focus on the what, not the how, and encourage creativity and innovation. We set clear goals, discuss them frequently, and each one of our team members has specific measurables they are accountable for. In fact, remote work – even partial remote schedules – forces us to do this. It allows us to work seamlessly together without needing to be physically present in an office.  

2. We write things down

Today there are lots  of online tools that make lots of promises. At SnapEngage, we optimize productivity by ensuring we use the right tools for the job(s) at hand. There is process and accountability for subscribing to new tools so that we understand the problems we’re trying to solve before selecting the tools to address them.   We have a document-first mentality, recognizing that information not shared is information lost.  We have a process playbook, published meetings notes, and wiki resources. We have video technology that we all have access to and use exclusively (we do not use phones for internal communication at all). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we use our Team Chat tool to communicate quickly and seamlessly on individual, group, team, and companywide levels. The changes in the environment might mean you are working differently or remotely. Team chat is included in every SnapEngage plan and we use it ourselves to stay connected.  

Building a chat support team? Tips from the SnapEngage Director of Client Success.

3. We are Open Book

We’re a small team that often feels like a family. Families share things! Our co-founders implemented an open book policy long ago, operating on a foundation of over communication and transparency. We give context, invite input and collaboration, and keep doors open. This constant communication, abundance of sharing, and real transparency helps us feel closer to each other and to the goals of the business, despite being apart.  

4. We celebrate virtually 

Historically, office events and celebrations were typically held on in-office days, however we’re well practiced at celebrating together from afar. Each quarter, both offices get together for our Quarterly Celebration. We celebrate milestones and goals achieved, recognize promotions, reflect back on fun events, and discuss exciting new initiatives for the next quarter. We enjoy refreshments in our respective locations but also get to see and hear each others’ questions and updates over video. We even use a community board to share kudos and fun life events and updates throughout the day. Between our Berlin and Boulder timezone, it’s rarely quiet. 

Now that we’re all remote all the time, we’re determined to continue the pattern of bonding and team building. Our recent initiative, “RemoteEngage” takes after our tradition of “WalkEngage” and creates an opportunity for chit chat, relationship building, and even Q&A despite the fact we can’t just ask that nagging question as we pass by a co-worker’s desk.  It’s a time to chat, enjoy coffee together, raise questions, or just listen in. As close to a casual walk as we can get.

5. We believe in what we’re doing

Finally, everyone at SnapEngage steps into their role each morning with a clear understanding of what our product is, how it serves the world, and how their role makes an impact. Now, more than ever, we see opportunities to help other organizations everywhere weather this storm and continue to operate under new conditions. It motivates us, enables us, and keeps us unified and working together, despite a new absence of social energy in our daily lives. We rapidly released the COVID-19 Symptom Checker bot to help our healthcare clients scale as quickly as possible. Our support team is also online and ready to assist clients 20+ hours of the day. 

We’re continuing to find creative ways to stay connected and use the tools we have to the best of our ability. Do you have ideas on how to effectively work remotely? Send them to us at!

About the Author: My name is Savanah and I am the Director of Talent here at SnapEngage. I am passionate about thoughtful leadership and creating an exceptional employee experience. I believe that happy, engaged people make good companies great.

New Patient Acquisition With Conversational Technology

Live chat and healthcare

Chat is becoming a preferred communication method for patients in healthcare. In many cases, HIPAA-compliant chat is the best real-time communication option for patients in cases where privacy, speed and convenience are critical.

The name of the game: increase your pool of new clients quickly.

But you’re busy. Quick wins are often the best option.

Live chat doesn’t have to take weeks of time to enable on your website. In fact, some healthcare clients are up and running in as little as 3 business days. Give patients the immediacy they deserve and are already familiar with, and start chatting today.



Quickstarter toolkit 

We recommend having a few handy tools in your toolkit, some of which you may already have. 

1. Professionally represent your practice with your own team members. Your team are the experts. Showcase your expertise across all patient communications, and provide a personal and delightful website experience the first time.

2. Streamline the new patient process with Proactive chat.

If live chat is a medical bag, then proactive chat is the stethoscope. Or the thermometer. It’s the tool you can get the most bang for your buck with, the one you use most often.

That’s because proactive chat allows you to customize messages to proactively trigger to website visitors. Do more than chat with site visitors, engage them at the right time and place with targeted messaging.

3. Customize and unify all conversations with Shortcuts.

Shortcuts provide an instant library of quick chat messages for chat agents to use. Shortcuts reduce response time so you can spend more time helping site visitors ultimately schedule an appointment.

Bonus: a common use case for shortcuts is as a frequently asked questions (FAQ) tool. 


Sample workflow

sample workflow

Build your live chat toolkit


Start communicating with more patients today. Conversational technology is no longer just an option, it’s a necessity. Patient trust and confidence are of the utmost importance. Show patients and site visitors alike that you care about them. We at SnapEngage believe in the power of conversations. If you don’t have live chat already, now is the time.