April 16th 2014 Release notes: Chat Assignment tab, Agent Reassignment and Proactive chat ‘is not equal to’

Hello everyone,

We have a few new things for today:

  • Proactive Chat: We have added (maybe a little late) the capability to set a rule as “Is not equal to” for text based rules as well. This is particularly handy when you have a rule that you want to execute everywhere but on a certain page. I.e. say that you have a general rule you want to be executed everywhere, but you don’t want to annoy the people reading about all your services. Then you would add a “Is not equal to” rule with the value “http://www.amazingcompany.com/services/“.
  • We have also added the capability to use the {alias} placeholder for proactive v2 chat (feature from old proactive chat). User who have hesitated to upgrade because of this can now move on to the new version of proactive chat.
  • All the Chat Assignment settings are gathered in one tab from today. We moved Agent’s Chat setting and some Chat assignment from Options tab to the new tab (Auto responder and Schedule).


The following settings can be found under the Chat Assignment tab:

Agent Assignment settings – Notify all agents or notify only one, Agent reassignment (new feature), Auto responder, Max number of chats per agent, Waiting queue team status and Hours of Operations (Schedule).




  • Agent Reassignment –¬†Enabling Agent Reassignment will reduce the amount of the chats being missed by the agents. The reassignment will be triggered in case the agent didn’t reply to the chat. The system will search automatically for the next available agent and the agent who didn’t answer the chat will be auto paused.