Announcing SnapEngage’s new website design!

ATTENTION: You might have been greeted by a very different looking website than you were expecting when you visited recently. It might look a little something like this!

New Site HomePage

This is a bit different than what you are used to seeing!

Old SnapEngage HomePage

That being said you might even see a mix of these two designs as you navigate around the site! We want to assure you there is no cause for alarm and you aren’t being routed off to a nefarious site or the victim of an advanced phishing scheme. We are doing a fair bit of testing, sampling, tweaking, and various other verbs in an effort to create the best website ever!

We would love your feedback as we continue this endeavor! Please chat us up or send an email with your thoughts, we would greatly appreciate it! This is just a small sample of the exciting changes you will see for this coming year, in the immortal words of Samuel Jackson in Jurassic Park,

“Hang on to your butts”