Announcing Chat User Roles and Permissions

Today we are very happy to announce the ability to assign specific permissions to team members. As the account owner you can create a second in command, give a number cruncher the ability to access all the stats they could hope for, and even create Team Leaders. If you have a SnapEngage Premier Plan you can access the permissions tab directly.



As the account owner you have 4 permissions that you can grant, they are as follows:

Administrator: – Settings – Chats – Logs – Stats – Users

Manager: – Settings – Chats – Logs – Stats

Team Supervisor: – Chats – Logs – Stats

Reporter: – Stats

The permission levels reference what the assigned user is able to access in your SnapEngage account. Once you have clicked over to the Permissions tab you will be able to start granting permissions. Let’s review the main points.

Manage Permissions

+add an admin – Click here to add someone to the list and select the permission level you would like to grant them. You will need to input their email address and don’t forget to click theĀ SAVE button in the upper right.

Active – This means that the user already has a SnapEngage account and password

Pending – A pending status indicates that the user hasn’t yet created their SnapEngage account. Ask them to check their inbox and follow the directions on how to create a user account. Once that has been done and they login for the 1st time Pending will change to Active.

Managing Permissions

To make changes to the permissions you simply click on the User which will give you the expanded view. This will reveal the dropdown menu to change the current permission. You can also remove a user from the list and even resend the email invite if needed.

As always we would love to hear your feedback on this new feature and let us know how we can improve.