Announcing an Updated Zendesk Integration

Today we are happy to announce an update to our Zendesk integration that brings many new improvements and enhancements to an already awesome integration!

In a nutshell things to look for are:

  • Improved custom field mapping (the ability for SnapEngage to automagically map specific data to a field in Zendesk)
  • Conditional mapping (every single mapping can now be for online, offline or both!)
  • Validation of Zendesk connection (indicator that we have successfully connected)
  • No longer need to use your password to¬†establish a connection

Now let’s learn how to do all that!

Migrate to ZenDesk V2

The 1st thing you will notice in your account is the notification alert above, click the link to begin the migration to the new version. If you don’t see this notification make sure that you have selected your widget that contains a Zendesk integration.

You will then have a pop up to confirm your desire to migrate and a new screen that requests your Zendesk token. This token can be found in your Zendesk account under Settings > Channels > API. Copy your Zendesk token and paste it into the token field in SnapEngage.

ZenDesk Token

Now you will want to click Validate Connection and if successful you will see:


It really is that simple! Now that you are connected you can click the Advanced drop down and begin to test out the new custom mapping option. One of the great things is now you won’t have to remember any strange ID values for your custom fields, we will actually pull any that you have created and display them in the drop down directly.

Zendesk Conditional Mapping

The toggles on the left indicate how you would like us to handle each particular mapping:

  • If the speak bubble is selected then the mapping will only apply to live chats.
  • If the Envelope is selected then only offline messages.
  • If both are selected then the mapping will be applied to both.

To learn more about mapping data to custom fields you can read up on it in our help portal here.