August 5th 2014 Release Notes: Analytics Updates, improvements and more

Greetings everyone,

We’ve been a bit remiss in updating our release notes over the last couple of weeks. We promise to do better. Here’s a list of what we’ve been up to:

Fixed a large number of small analytics bugs, and added several features and improvements.

* Our \share command has been updated to perform a proper redirect to the viewer

* We now support the sending of AutoLead information as attachments

* We’ve improved the positioning logic of our visitor chat widget when the browser window is resized

* The Intelligent Pre-Chat has been revised to prevent the occasional flashing of the pre-chat form

* Our Knowledgebase integrations have been improved to speed up the processing of search results across large numbers of articles

* Fixed an issue where omitting optional parameters in Visitor chat API would result in an error response.

* Some additional XSS prevention has been added to prevent malicious visitors to send XSS payload to the chat agent. Thank you to Yogendra Sharma @FuzzBaBa for reporting one of these fixed issues about XSS payload captured with the JavaScript variable instrumentation.