Access your knowledge base directly inside the Web Client

KnowledgeWe are very pleased to announce a new feature that allows you to connect your agent’s SnapEngage web client directly into your existing knowledge base. Currently the available connections are Zendesk, WordPress, and Mindtouch. For your agents this is a huge time saver as they won’t need to open a separate tab or browser to access your Knowledge base and its wealth of knowledge.

Agents can stay working directly inside the SnapEngage web client to search, review, and link to any article on your knowledge base! For speed, convenience and shear awesomeness… it’s hard to beat! Let’s learn more.

Select a Knowledge base

You will notice the Knowledge base tab on the left sidebar of your SnapEngage account. Click over there and select the appropriate connector. In the case of Zendesk make sure you have already setup your Zendesk account in the integrations tab, that way all you have to do is click “connect” and then save.

Zendesk Knowledge base

Once the connection has been made a new sidebar will appear for the agents on the right side of the web client. Now they won’t see it right away, it does require a chat in progress. Once a chat starts the sidebar appears as a blank space with a search box at the bottom. Agents can type into the search box and we will return any results we find based on the keyword. If you hover along the sidebar between the main text area and the start of the sidebar you will see a dragbar that will let you resize that area.

Web Client Knowledge base

Now our visitor asked about Rocket packs, I being the intrepid agent that I am type in “Rocket” in the knowledge base sidebar. This bring up a # of articles I can chose from, I clicked on the top result to make sure that it was the correct article (results are abbreviated until clicked on to bring up a more in depth view).

You will notice 3 icons next to the article, a leaping arrow, a chain link , and an eye. Each one has a unique function.

The Leaping Arrow will automagically redirect the visitor to the knowledge base article directly once the agent clicks on it.

The Chain Link will populate the text input area with a link to the article

The Eye (not as menacing as Sauron) will take the agent to the full article in a new browser tab

I can’t tell you how much I love this feature, keeping everything in one window really speeds up my ability to find a help article and dazzle lovely customers like yourselves. I highly recommend getting this setup ASAP, your agents and your customers will thank you for it!

We will continue to release more connectors in the coming months. We would love to hear from you, what should we add next?