A Bootiful Spooktacular Addition to the Chat Box themes

Harvest time is right around the corner, leaves are changing color, the days are getting cooler and shorter here at SnapEngage HQ. In a few short days legions of children and adults will assail the streets of their local neighborhoods in search of treats and potentially tricks dressed in all manner of costumes. Now we know just how much fun getting dressed up and participating in the local festivities can be, everyone should do it. Well we didn’t think that should exclude our humble SnapEngage chat box! Often the life of any conversation and never shy to say hello to a website visitor we figured it was time “chat box” had a costume too.

You can also enable this chat box on your very own site with a couple simple steps. First you will need to find a bit of code in your widget and replace it on your site. You are looking for snapabug.js in your widget code, easiest thing to do is a ctrl+F and search directly for snapabug.js

Once you have located snapabug.js you will want to replace that line of code with snapengage-halloween.js update and then you are all set!

As always free to chat with us if you have any questions about enabling the new chat box. Hope that you enjoy and may your Halloween be filled with treats!